Career games: CFA®Program vs CPA Program

April 23, 2015
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CFA® Program or CPA Program? It seems like a pretty difficult choice to make, but it isn’t! It’s pretty simple actually. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and to choose between these courses you need to concentrate on your likes and dislikes and which field would you want to work in.

CFA® Program: It stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. A certification provided by the CFA Institute. It is a highly respected and prestigious certification. It focuses on Portfolio Management. It is one of a kind Certification.

CPA Program: It stands for Certified Public Accountant. A certification provided by the American Institute of CPA’S. To get this certification one needs to pass the Union Certified Public Accountant Examinations. It focuses on auditing and attestation mainly. It too holds recognition all around the world. A person holding such certification is an asset to the world.

I know it’s difficult to choose between such certifications but don’t brainstorm or get hassled in fact just relax. The worldwide web has made your life easier so just go through this infographic to compare the two and decide for yourself.

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CFA<sup/>® vs CPA infographic

CFA® Program vs CPA Program

Both the exams, as tough and difficult they may be but the effort that you put in and the certifications are worth it. It changes your opinion in people’s mind. You enjoy a goodwill that you never expected. Working hard is the key to success is something we all know but working hard in the field that you like is the key to a happy successful life where one enjoys what they are doing.In the end it’s your call, CFA or CPA? Which would give you greater joy? Prepare well and all the best!

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