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How to Crack an Interview – Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

January 7, 2014
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There is one phase in the interview round which usually comes towards the end of the interview. It is that point when your interviewer asks you if there is anything “you wish to ask him”. Most of the candidates assume that the interviewer is done with evaluating your prospects with the company. But, on the contrary, the hard reality is that this last simple question can turn the tables for you in a major way.

When the above question is thrown at you, it is not advisable to take a negative stand and try to get over with the interview; rather, it can turn out to be a fortune maker . Irrespective of your performance in the interview, if you succeed in nailing this question, you can fancy your chances. Here are some questions that you could ask when asked this question. (when called for an answer to this question

Q. What are the biggest challenges that a person with this job profile has to face?

REASON: This question will send a strong signal that you are not merely excited about the job but also understand that the job profile carries some difficult elements. Moreover, it will add to the fact that you are actually excited about the job and doing well too.

Q. Can you describe the culture and working atmosphere at your company?

REASON : This question is essentially for you. If you are working in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere or does the if the company holds an aggressive or competitive atmosphere? It is essential to know this beforehand so that you do not chicken out later when you actually get the job.

Q. You certainly must be having an image of an ideal candidate for the job. How do you see me in comparison to that?

REASON: This question will give you an idea about how the interviewer feels about you. He might not rush into the answer, but he would surely give you a hint about where you can improve and where you need to maintain your streak.

Q. Can you describe a day at the job?

REASON: You have just sent a big signal that you are optimistic about the job and hold a vision of doing wonders at the job. It will distinguish you from the other candidates who are focused on just getting the job .

Q. How will the person in this job be contributing to the company’s performance?
REASON: You have signalled to the interviewer that you do not care about r the paychecks alone. It matters to you that your performance is valued and that you are also willing to contribute to the company.

Q. What does a successful year in this job look like?

REASON: It states that you are not merely looking for the offer, but also that you have your eyes strongly glued to the role and you dream of serving for a good period of time. The best signal that you give is that you are serious about the job .

Q. Does the company provide some incentive for continued education?

REASON : If you are planning for further studies along with the job or even after 1-2 years of the job experience, then it is a good idea to ask this question and clarify your thoughts.

Q. What is your timeline about reverting to a candidate about the next steps?

REASON: It is always good to know what you should expect. That way, you won’t be simply sitting at home and wondering about when the results will be out. But make sure, that you are wrapping up with this question, for you don’t want to sound like you are done with the interview.
Figure out what is important and what is not. Do not make the mistake of asking all of the above-mentioned questions. One or two would suffice.
In addition to all these questions, there are some points that you should never ask the interviewer. These are listed as:

  • Do not ask about the work the company does. It is your homework to know about the company before the interview.
  • Do not ask whether the pay and time schedule are flexible.
  • Do not get too personal with the interviewer.
  • Never ever ask if the company is affected by the personal life of the candidates. You are creating an image of a mess up.
  • Never ask for the shortest time to get a promotion. You do not want to sound unsatisfied with the current role. Keep these points in mind and you are set to impress the interviewer with your approach to the job.
    Good luck.


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