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5 Quick tips for optimizing your AdWords campaign

March 27, 2015
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In today’s busy world, AdWords account management is a painful task for every account manager managing multiple accounts. One needs to go through the plethora of data and plan action accordingly. Improving account performance is a crucial and important aspect for accomplishing your marketing goals.

The following tips will help to optimize account performance and make a positive impact on the performance results.

1. Keyword planning:

Keyword planning is the most important task for AdWords account management. Knowing your product and target audience is very important before your campaign takes off. Have a detailed discussion with your marketing team as they are the one who know in and out about your product/services, customers demand, intention etc. You can use keyword planner tool from tools tab in AdWords and do intensive keyword research. Spend most of your time in keyword planning and research as this will be the building block for marketing campaign’s success.

Login to your AdWords account>tools>keyword planner.

AdWords keyword planner

2. Creating Ad copies & A/B Testing:

Creating a compelling ad copy is an annoying task as it requires lot of creativity and hard work. Some are below-mentioned tips which will be helpful for creating best text ads.

Highlighting your product USP: Free shipping? 24/7 Support? Free online access? Tell people about your product’s/service’s USP that makes you unique in today’s competitive world.

Include Pricing, promotions & offerings: Describing product and promotions in your ads is a good practice. If you have promotional offer and discount then tell so to your audience as that can improve chances of users clicking on your ads.

Empower your audience: Are you selling products? Or providing services, etc. tell people how to contact you. CTA like Download now, Register now, Call now, Get a quote are work really well to get higher CTR for your Ad copies.

Insert one keyword in each ad copy: Keywords in your ad text improve your ad relevance. For example, your keyword is mobile phone than your headline could be: “Buy Mobile Phone”.

You should always have at least 2 ad copies per ad group so that you can find the better message to use in an ad. You should also carry out A/b test on new ad copies by replacing underperformers.

3. Reviewing Search Terms Report:

Digging your search terms report is always a major factor behind your campaign’s success. This report contains the actual terms which users searched and then clicked on your ads. You can save a lot of your time by doing this exercise as, you never know which irrelevant terms are getting triggered and depleting your budget. Moreover, audience will come, bounce and go as they didn’t get what they were searching for. Practicing this exercise will help you to filter out immaterial traffic and will get you new opportunities, qualified audience on site. You can at least follow this exercise for top clicked keywords. You will also get prospective negative terms which are hampering your campaigns performance. Add them in your negative list to avoid future irrelevant clicks.

Select the keywords>details>search terms.

AdWords search terms report

4. Custom Ads Scheduling:

You may want to schedule your ads on best performing times of the day or some best-performing days in a week according to your business requirements and goals. You can use the ads scheduling to:

• Show your ads on certain specific days / time in a week.

• Increase / decrease your bids on certain specific time in day or week.

Note: Custom ads scheduling is only available for campaigns with all features enabled.

Example of ads schedule: If you’re running a Pizza store and you come to know that most of the orders received are between 1 pm to 3 pm and 9pm to 10 pm then you can run your ads on same time to get most out of your AdWords campaigns.

How to schedule your ads:

Click on campaigns tab which need to be scheduled>click on Settings>ads schedule

AdWords custom Ads scheduling

If someone is scheduling ads for the first time click on ads schedule button to get started.

Keep a note that your ads will only run on specified time and days selected by you and will not run on times and days not specified in your list.

5. Device Targeting:

Is your Site Mobile optimized? Check it here on the mobile-friendly test Lots of advertisers are just spending their hard earned money on mobile devices ads, even though their site is not optimized for mobile devices. Run a sanity check of the whole account and try to gauge all details about mobile traffic, conversions and bounce rate on mobile devices. If your site is not mobile friendly then reduce your mobile device bids to -100 % as that is the fastest way to get rid of this mess. Later on you can have a word with your tech team and get your site optimized for mobile devices accordingly.

AdWords Device Targeting

So which technique do you use to optimize your campaign? Do share your thoughts on the same.


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