I am greatly impressed by the quality of your training. In fact it is the reason I am going to take the exam this time as I had previously decided not to take it because the quality of the training I had purchased was not what I had expected. All the best to you and everyone at Edupristine.
I am very pleased to have found these courses offered by a recognized, reputable training firm at a great value! Thank you!
Thank you for helping me pass the FRM exam. The thousands of questions in your program really help me prepare. Good Luck to EduPristine Careers ongoing success.
Edupristine's attention and dedication to our FRM review was terrific! Other companies offer online training and material, but you provided us with attentive hands on training from seasoned professionals who are passionate about risk management.
Subjects like BA usually require a lot of time. Covering this topic during the session, which spans over 10 days, was a big task. Today I can say that I have good knowledge of all the key concepts and I can work my way through all the modules and I can go on to build my own modules now.
The course encourages me to explore this area further & it has been an interesting experience which helped us learn, shape out approach towards problems
The Experience was Awesome. We will be able to apply the knowledge and skill in our daily routine at our workplace. The Financial Modeling class was an amazing experience on the whole.
The two-day training with Edupristine was a lovely experience for me, both career-wise & education-wise. It was both a refresher course & informative. Socially, i got the opportunity to interact with professionals. Generally, it was a constructive two-day session for me.
Taking the financial modelling course with EduPristine was an enriching journey. The material is well documented, the course is dynamic and covers a broad spectrum of essentials that are key to anyone who utilizes financial modelling, and the instructor was knowledgeable and friendly.
Edupristine provides a timely and effective training for emerging finance professionals in investment analysis and business analysis. The course is enriching and relevant for career growth and development for any finance professional.
I am greatly impressed by the quality and rich content of your training on Financial Modeling. Learnt a lot about many useful functionalities available in excel. Also the instructor could deliver more than my expectations
I took a financial modeling course at Edupristine. I m really happy to tell you that the course with most implications. Good practical information on business modelling and forecasting and the explanations were clear and thorough and I now feel confident with Excel & Financial Modelling
The financial modeling training was up to my expectations. The backup material was really organized and could be used as a future reference for building business plans from A to Z.
The instructor, is very well-versed & good at ensuring the students grasp the lessons. This is a very good crash course for people in the domain of big data & business intelligence, but also for those in product marketing & management where they can learn how to make use of data in products planning & analysis.
The training was very insightful, it was well delivered and the trainer had a strong background in finance. Am now more efficient in what I do and I enjoy excel more.
The course has provided me a great knowledge for corporate finance jobs. I have been introduced to new key concepts in finance that were not clear enough in any textbook or site.All materials are available for me to revise them anytime.
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It blended with my experience as a controller for a construction company. Specifically integrating the BS, P&L and CFS. I like modeling, budgeting and releasing Pro Forma statements. Aslo, I liked the way dates were used.
Pristine offers great content! As a word of advice, extra practice time would be beneficial to give a good overall perspective to beginners.
The class is highly participatory and inclusive. I have gained a lot of knowledge from the teachers. The 4-day class is beneficial and inspiring.
What I appreciated the most is that it started from the start. Although I am not a newcomer to financial modeling I guess someone with a less specialised background would be able to follow through and become proficient with practice.
I knew beforehand what kind of questions to expect in actual PRM and how to approach the questions. I owe my success to valuable question bank provided by EduPristine.
The study material and videos are really helpful. The co-ordinator and the whole team is very supportive and flexible. Keep up the good work!
EduPristine really cares about its customers and made sure that I was satisfied with the service. The training was informative and professional yet comfortable and fun. With a little improvement on the communication, I believe EduPristine will be one of the best financial training service providers.
The course offered by EduPristine was top notch. It was intense but purpose driven and the instructor is knowledgeable, witty & caring. EduPristine was there to expand my knowledge of Excel and groom me into an adept financial modeler.I give EduPristine a thumbs up!
Job well done!! The engagement with the EduPristine rep was favourable. The trainer, was knowledgeable. I like the fact that he has hands-on experience rather than just theory based.
The Training manual should be more elaborate. Training subject and content is excellent. The Trainer was good.
EduPristine provided a complex financial modeling course in an informative and complex method. The materials and exercises that were available will be informative for me even after the training. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to enrich their profession
The FM course was well designed for fresh finance and non finance professionals. Furthermore, it can also be used as a good refresher for experienced individuals
The training taught me to combine my knowledge in finance with useful functions in Excel. Now, I am confident that I can develop a better and complete financial model with sharper analysis. The trainer was very professional, smart, and friendly. I really recommend this training for everyone.
Training content was at the right level – not too easy, not too hard. Found all the shortcuts, tips and spreadsheet examples very helpful. Good training for those who depends on excel a lot.
The moderator was knowledgeable and delivered the material with ease and very comprehensible chunks. I would recommend Edupristine as a cost efficient institution that adds value. Also their customer service is impeccable!
The course has really been helpful, that course content is rich and practicable. Edupristine is always the right choice for any training withing their purview.
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