CFA® Level II Program

CFA® charterholders earn an astounding 54% more than their peers (Russel Reynolds Study).

According to CFA® Institute, top employers of CFA® charterholders include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse

LEVEL III CFA® Exam Pattern

The Level III exam is considerably the toughest exams for the CFA® Program, as many of the questions are posed in essay format. The key to success is to practice as many essay type questions as possible and master topics specifically related to portfolio management and asset classes.
Level III CFA® exam is divided into two parts:

  • Morning sitting: Constructed response (essay) questions (usually between 8 and 12 questions, each with several sub-parts) with a maximum of 180 points. (The point value for each question is provided in the exam book.)
  • Afternoon sitting: 10 item set questions

What will you learn in Level III CFA® Program?

As mentioned before, the target of the exam is on portfolio management and asset classes, but it also consists of three more topics viz. Ethics, Professional Standards and Wealth Planning.

The Ethics and Professional Standards takes as much weightage as in the other levels of the exam. The investment tools are not tested separately, except economics, which is a part of the portfolio management and wealth planning section for level III. The major part of the exam revolves around portfolio management and asset classes in the portfolio context.

Level III CFA® Pre-Requisites

Candidates need following criteria to become CFA® charter:

  • Have a valid international travel passport
  • Passing grade on CFA® Level II exam
  • To get the charter, candidates need four years of qualified, professional work experience, in addition to passing the level I CFA® exam, Level II CFA® exam and Level III CFA® exam

Topics & Structure of Level III CFA®

Topic Area Level III
Ethical and Professional Standards 10-15
Economics 5-15
Equity Investments 5-15
Fixed Income 10-20
Derivatives 5-15
Alternative Investments 5-15
Portfolio Management 40-55
Total 100


The importance of the CFA® Program is increasing day by day. Although CFA® Institute membership is increasing in the USA, it is rising faster in India as well, that realizes the benefit of hiring CFA®s. According to Bob Johnson, former deputy CEO of the CFA® Institute "...that's a sign of growing interest in the certification by employers, and the greater availability of training at colleges." Find below a list of CFA® work roles:

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Chief Executive
  • Consultant
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Relationship Managers, Sales, & Marketing
  • Risk Manager
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Manager of Managers
  • Accountant/Auditor
  • Strategist
  • Trader
  • Broker
  • Performance Measurement Specialist
  • Private Banker

CFA® Program by EduPristine

  • CFA® Program is a professional credential offered by CFA® Institute to Investment and Financial professionals
  • CFA® Program has three different Levels and the minimum time required to clear all three is around 2.5 years (although the overall average is around 4 years)
  • CFA® Program charter membership requirements include, but not limited to 48 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing the Level I, Level II, and Level III exams
  • EduPristine believes that no single individual can do justice while teaching all 10 subjects covered under CFA® curriculum. We therefore have more than 250+ domain experts having 3-10 years of work experience with excellent academics and Teaching background.


Payment Deadlines Program Enrollment (New Candidates Only) Exam Registration Total Cost
21 September 2016 $450 (One Time Charge) $650 $1,100
15 February 2017 $930 $1,380
15 March 2017 $1,380 $1,830

Returning candidates pay only the exam registration fee,Level II CFA® and Level III CFA® candidates have to pay only the exam registration fee for each Level

*Please check with CFA® Institute's website so as to confirm the above info in case of any changes


City Address Phone
(Toll Free)
Mumbai 7th Floor, 702, Raaj Chambers, Old Nagardas Road, Near Andheri Subway, Andheri East 400069 18002005835
Level III CFA® Program Training
Price 27500
Hardcopy books from Wiley covering every LOS
50+ hours pre-recorded lectures from Wiley
Study guide
950+ practice questions
2 Full-length mock exams


Whenever candidates receive their exam result, they can register for the next exam. We motivate candidates who do not pass the exam, take proper guide to their studies and re-take the exam at a later date. Candidates can take as much time as they need before registering for the next exam. Pass rate of previous Level III CFA® exam was 54%.[source: CFA® Institute]

The salary (Average salary of a CFA® charter) for a Chartered Financial Analyst® designation is Rs 691,955 per year. Lots of people with this job move on to other positions after few years in this field. For the first five to ten years in this designation, salary increases towards upright, but any additional experience does not have a big effect on pay[source: PayScale].

It is possible to complete the CFA® program in two years, if you start studying in August and take the first level in December, followed by the second level in June and the third level the following year. This is obviously contingent on passing each level first time. On average it takes three to four years to complete the full program.

CFA® focuses on knowledge in investment while an MBA program will cover many topics related to management studies.

You can be assured of improved job opportunities with Investment Banks, Private Equity firms and Wealth Advisory firms with an astounding 54% more than your peers. (*Russel Reynolds Study)

Candidacy in the CFA® Program is separate from membership in CFA® Institute. You have to submit an application for membership.


Had a great experience in learning Analytics very good faculty from various industry backgrounds.

I have just completed the course and without a second thought I can say that the course content suits people from different backgrounds and with different purposes. The course content & faculties always provides real insights. but with lectures offering one-on-one time I was able to dig deeper into my specific marketing requirement.

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