Finance For Non Finance Professionals Classroom

Finance For Non Finance Professionals Classroom

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Topic 1: Basics of Excel

  • Custom formatting in Excel
  • Creating Layout
  • EMI base case
  • Excel shortcuts
  • Referencing Framework in Excel

Topic 2: Income Statement

  • Need of Financial Statements Analysis
  • Introduction to Income Statement
  • Understand Income Statement of Accenture
  • Understand Revenue recognition

Topic 3: Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Complete Business Perspective

  • Understanding Balance Sheet
  • Comprehend Balance Sheet of Accenture
  • Exercise on Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Cash Flow Statement
  • Comprehend Cash Flow Statement of Accenture
  • Understand Complete Business Perspective

Topic 4: Ratio Analysis

In this topic we will cover the following ratios for ‘Apple co.’

  • Basics of Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Activity Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Market Ratios
  • DuPont Analysis

Topic 5: Corporate Finance

All concepts will be explained with the help of case studies.

  • Time Value of Money
  • NPV and IRR
  • NPV Profile and Crossover Rate
  • Free Cash Flow to Firm and Equity
  • Dividend Discount Model
  • Relative Valuation-Trading and Transaction Multiples

Topic 6: Breakeven Analysis

  • Understanding Breakeven Analysis
  • Case Study on Breakeven Analysis
  • Breakeven Dashboard
  • Breakeven Synergy

Topic 7: Advanced Accounting Concepts

  • Long Lived Assets and Depreciation
  • Straight Line Depreciation
  • Double declining depreciation
  • Deferred Taxes-Assets and Liabilities
  • Amortization and Goodwill
  • Provision
  • Working Capital Management
  • Inventory Accounting

Topic 8: Stocks Comparison tools and Concept of Unit Economics

  • Mean, Median and Mode
  • Standard Deviation
  • Coefficient of Variation
  • Unit Economics-We will explain various concepts with the help of four different case studies.

Topic 9: Accounting Abuses

The objective of this topic is to understand various methods of accounting abuses and some related case studies.

We will cover following important points.

  • Motivations and Methods of accounting abuses
  • Case 1: Xerox Corporation
  • Case 2: WorldCom
  • Case 3: Enron Corporation

Topic 10: Budgeting

The objective of topic is to understand various concepts of budgeting with the help of budgeting exercise for IT Company.


  • Duration
    • 20 Hrs of Classroom Training
  • Hands-on Case Study (Real Life) based learning using Excel Templates
  • Upload Sample Excel Templates
    • 24×7 Online Access* to Course Material (Presentations, etc.)
    • Forums to interact with faculty
    • *Access is valid for 1 Year.


  • Study Notes – Download complete course material for future reference and to understand concepts better
  • Lecture Notes – Download special notes prepared by the instructor during sessions to aid the video tutorials
  • Exhaustive reference material – Presentations, Excel files and other documents


Q. Course structure of Finance for Non-Finance?

Q. Who is the target audience?

A.This course is aimed at Non-Finance Managers working in any industry at mid-to-senior management level. It would prove helpful for non-finance professionals including Marketing Managers, Purchase Managers, Production Managers, Project Managers and Human resource Manages who regularly need to base their decisions on company financials in the course of their designated roles and responsibilities.

Q. What is the prerequisites of this course?

A. Given that this is a special course designed for Non-Finance Managers, it does not call for any financial qualification. However, it would be helpful if you are familiar with Excel (preferably Excel 2007 or 2010) as the course extensively makes use of excel-based case studies to explain important concepts in a simple and lucid manner.

Q. How is the course structured?

A. The course spans 20 hours of Classroom Trainings. The courses also provide you with an exhaustive reference material in the form of presentations, documents and excel sheets.

Q. How do I address my doubts and queries?

A.We have an active forum, where you can post doubts and get them resolved.


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Finance For Non Finance Professionals Classroom
Classroom Training ( 20 Hours)
Downloadable Models
24 * 7 Access

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A Btech Grad

Wow, EduPristine has made learning Finance so easy, Faculty is commendable; I strongly recommend the course to all Working Professionals who wants to learn FINANCE.
Business Analyst
After attending the course I am so comfortable with the financial analysis and Business finance. It has increased my contribution to the Business Meetings. Thanks EduPristine!


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