ethics and coprotae finance 1

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ethics and coprotae finance 1

Postby rajatmalhotra42 » Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:59 am

hello team,

first of all i would like to say i am facig many doubts regarding session first and second??

there in nobody with whom i can share my doubts and experience.

i have attend two sessions

1. ethics

2. corporate finance -1

first of all please give me any helpdesk number with whom i can talk about all this.

now come to doubts

1.regarding session 1(Ethics)

1.what are hedge funds

2 what is GIPS.

3 how much questions will come in exam from ethics part.

4. what is investment policy statement??

5 tell me how much weitage shuold given to ethics??

6 how much we need to do study etics while prepareing for exam.

2. Regarding session 2 (corporat finance -1)

1. i dont understand formulas,weather we have to cram the formulas.

2. how the question wll come in exam??

3. how much weightage inance??sholud we give to corporate finance?

4. how much questions will come in exam from CF 1 part.

5. what is IRR, WHY IT IS USED

6 cost of capital??

7. npv profile???

Team,please reply as soon as possible..

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Re: ethics and coprotae finance 1

Postby edupristine » Tue Dec 29, 2015 8:15 am

1. hedge funds is an investment fund that includes capital from limited no. of investors.
2. Global Investment Performance standards. These are the ethical principles followed by investment firms to avoid misrepresentations.
3. 15% weightage is for ethics
4. IPS is formed by gathering the information of the client at the beginning of the advisory relationship.
The basic principles should be on your tips because any principle can take form of any type of question.

1. . What kind of problem you are facing with the formulas?
2. No one actually can guess the type of questions and twist they will add. They will judge your knowledge on concepts and questions we have provided to you.
3. 7% is weightage
IRR: IRR is the rate of return used to measure and compare the profitability of investments.
Cost of Capital: It is minimum rate of return that a co. must earn to satisfy the expectations of investors. It is computed by weighted average of the components the project.
NPV profile: The NPV profile is a graph that represents a project's NPV for various discount rates, where NPV is on the y-axis and the cost of capital on the x-axis.

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