ACCA Registration

Today marks the launch of the Global Educator Conference. All on-demand sessions are now available for viewing and delegates can also register for sessions being held live on 24 & 25 April. Please share this registration link and encourage tutors, university partners and educators to register!

Student Support

  • Welcome Session – This 30-minute session will be held thisThursday 18th April at 11am UK time, via YouTube.

    The session will cover key information and resources that will help new students get the most out of their journey and get them on the right track to exam entry and success. Please encourage students to turn on notifications on this link to receive a prompt when the session starts.

  • Back on Track – Ask Us Anything is on Tuesday, April 23 at 1:00 PM BST

    This session is for students who have not been successful in a recent exam. Audience URL is here: registration link(also available on the global webinar schedule)

  • Get Ahead Session for the Applied Skills and Strategic Professional exams will be held on 25th April 1pm UK time, on YouTube.

    The session provides practical guidance helping students to achieve exam success in the June 2024 exam session, with a focus on J24 mocks, Practice Platform and Study Hub.

    Please share this link for students to get notified when the session starts.

  • InFocus webinars scheduled to begin from 9th May 2024.

    These sessions will be an opportunity for students to hear the expert’s advice on best exam techniques and exam practice to MAXIMISE MARKS in the June 2024 exams. The webinar will focus on, how to deal with objective questions or structure case study-based answers, lessons on Time Management, the importance of Question Practice using the Practice Platform, best practices during the final three weeks before exams. Students will have chance to get the answers to their questions LIVE. Multi-reg link and assets to follow.