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The Finance Industry’s most coveted skills today is Financial Modeling. It is the art of interpreting financial statements using MS Excel. A course in Financial Modeling is a blend of Financial Planning and Banking courses that will help you depict financial statements and analyze investments, thereby, making appropriate decisions for a company. Following are the job opportunities to look for after completing a course in Financial Modeling course, and know why Financial Modeling Certification necessary for you!

Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst

A Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst is responsible for compiling and analyzing data with utmost diligence. He needs to identify and forecasts different trends in the competitive market. This analyst makes M&A plans and takes care of all the aspects of financial planning issues.

Financial Analyst

The duty of a Financial Analyst is to track the status of financial transactions, analyze the results and accordingly recommend actions or investments to increase productivity. This analyst must have an eye for detail to look in to technical reports.

Equity Research Analyst

A company can invest better when there is someone to advise them on investments by scrutinizing their stock performance. Considered as a reliable person, this person should take up the responsibility of recommending investment strategies backed up by thorough research.

Investment Banking Analyst

An investment banker is the heart of every investment bank and anchor of their team. This analyst is responsible for smooth execution of equity and debt transactions. One is required to prepare presentations and suggest strategic alternatives. The person is required to have strong networking skills, as well as have the ability to work under tight deadlines. Hence, the Financial Modeling course is attributed to be one of a favorite amongst banking courses for many individuals.

Financial Modeling Analyst

This analyst is responsible to track finance performance, analyze data and develop financial models. The analyst must be well-versed with working on software and accordingly make complex decisions related to budget.

Research Analyst

As the name suggests, a research analyst should perform research on various sectors. One has to monitor performance of a company from all standpoints and offer recommendations to investors.

Financial Consultant

Like any other consultant, this consultant looks into matters pertaining to the financial future of a company, hence gives fitting advices regarding taxes, investments and insurance. If a client or a company faces undesirable financial situation, the job purpose of a financial consultant should be to assess the situation, achieve the financial objectives, and come to a definite solution.

If you wish to take up careers in any one of the above profiles then the financial modeling course from EduPristine would be a suitable choice. A Financial modeling Certification will give the required nudge to your finance career.

Why Do Financial Modeling Course from EduPristine ?

As the name suggests, a research analyst should perform research on various sectors. One has to monitor performance of a company from all standpoints and offer recommendations to investors.

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