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Accounting courses in India will provide you with broad knowledge, skills, in depth training, job opportunities, or a competitive salary; however, do these over-rated courses have the potential of giving you a globally recognized designation? What makes a Certified Public Accountant the most sought-after qualification? Out of all the chartered accountancy courses in India, why one should invest up to INR 300k (that includes US travel) in CPA course in India? All those questions lingering in the back of your mind will get cleared once you read further.
  • CPA is the best chartered accountancy courses with an International perspective. A CPA enjoys international credibility. Considered as the highest qualification in the field of accountancy, CPA pass outs are recognized as members of AICPA in the US.
  • CPA students are exposed to all aspects of accounting, finance, auditing, taxation and business concepts in accordance to US standards, which creates a strong knowledge base for them to stay ahead of their counterparts.
  • Compared to other accounting courses that will only provide you with job opportunities in India, CPA will increase your chances of receiving global opportunities.
  • Without any doubt, the certainty of increment in your prospects and pay packets is more as soon as you become a CPA.
  • The best thing about CPA is that it doesn’t require work-ex requirement like other professional courses.
The CPA course in India is considered as the ultimate qualification that has unlimited possibilities to tap your potential in the accounting field. Sectors in Public Accounting, Law, Business, Financial Planning, consulting and Education are hiring members from AICPA, that clearly validates the fact that CPAs have a myriad of career paths to choose from. CPAs can carve a sustainable career and reap best benefits while working in departments like financial accounting, reporting, cash management, auditing and many more.

Don’t you think the time, effort and money seems to be non-significant for this international acclaimed designation? So, be a Certified Public Accountant, and get the best return on your investment.