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Nearly a decade ago, people were searching for the jobs in newspapers and now they search for them online. Things haven’t changed much or have they? Yes, things have definitely changed a lot. Initially it was only the candidates looking for the right job but these days even the organizations are looking for the right candidate and that is one of the main reasons for LinkedIn’s success.

Today, HR departments of almost all the big organizations rely on LinkedIn to fill in the important positions in their company and one of the major deciding factors in the selection process is your profile. If you don’t have a decent LinkedIn profile, you can never catch the eye of any recruiter and that is why we bring to you some important tips for creating a job guaranteed LinkedIn profile.

Picture says it all

Your LinkedIn profile picture should consist your own image because the recruiter is certainly not interested in recruiting your pet. So make sure that you add a decent and professional profile picture of yours (A selfie is not a professional photograph!). Headshot images are considered to be the best for the LinkedIn profile pictures. The image below is neither too casual nor too professional which is kind of perfect for a LinkedIn profile.

suitable image for linkedin

Headline that stands out

Your headline is the line that appears below your name. It should be something that convinces the recruiter to go through your full profile. If you are already working somewhere then you can mention your designation and company name and if you are looking out for a job then you can write about the work profile you are looking for. Add some creativity to your headline so that your profile stands out from others and generates some curiosity in recruiter’s mind.

If you write ‘looking for an opportunity in Marketing’, the recruiter may not even consider it whereas if you write something like ‘A Marketer waiting for an opportunity to increase your sales ‘ he might find something unusual from others and may see through your profile.

Interesting and Informative Summary

You are looking for out for a job in Social Media Marketing and so are thousand others; so why should a company select you? You can answer this question in the summary section of your LinkedIn profile. Tell them why you are better than others. Summary sections also allows you to add images, videos, audios, presentations and other documents so make the most of this feature. Add videos or images that showcase your accomplishments or if you have created some important presentations then add them as well. Make sure that your summary section is interesting enough to keep the recruiters engaged.

suitable summary for Linkedin

Experience that counts

  • Where were you working before?
  • What was your designation there?
  • What were your responsibilities over there?
  • Do you have any award or achievement to your credit?

Recruiters are always interested in knowing your history, they will want answers to all these above questions and many more so see to it that your experience section of LinkedIn profile answers all these questions.

Writing experience in LinkedIn

Skills & Endorsements

Initially, add atleast upto 10 skills that are related to your industry. Skills play a very role in the selection procedure. When the companies are looking for a candidate with certain set of skills then they might search keywords that include those skills, so if your profile has those skills then it will automatically land up on the recruiters search result. List your areas of expertise and the keywords that are frequently used in your industry. If you see the image below, the skills and recommendations section looks too impressive and that is because of the endorsements. Make sure that you have enough endorsements on your skills as that will create a trustworthy image.

skills and endorsement on  LinkedIn

Customized URL

Which one of the above two URLs do you find better? We are sure you said the 2nd one. Combination of too many numbers and some random alphabets as a URL always looks ugly so why not customize your LinkedIn profile URL. This will help you in two ways, firstly whenever you are giving the link of your LinkedIn profile to someone, it won’t look shabby and secondly, it will make easier for people to search for you. If you can maintain uniformity in all the URLs of all your Social Media profiles that will be great.

SEO friendly

Making your LinkedIn profile SEO friendly will ensure that you land on your recruiters search result when they enter a particular keyword. Learn about the keywords frequently used in your industry and try to incorporate them in your profile especially in Summary and Experience sections. If a recruiter enters a keyword ‘SEO expert’ for the position of Digital Marketer and if your profile consists of that keyword, your profile shall land in his search results.

If your profile has all these things and you are using the right techniques to find a job then we assure you that you are soon going to get a call from your dream company informing you about your scheduled interview.