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Predictive Analysis is SEO & PPC

Predictive SEO is a content strategy where one proactively generates content while gauging & predicting what consumers are looking for and provide the same information before competitors catch up.

Simply put this way, it is proactive strategy to rank high on SERP’s (Search Engine Results’ Page) for keywords & search terms.

SEO can be divided into 2 parts:

1) Reactive SEO

2) Predictive SEO

Reactive SEO, as the name suggests, is response strategy to user search queries, wherein the content is created depending on user’s search and Google trends.

Whereas Predictive SEO is the exact opposite of Reactive SEO. Here, instead of reacting to trends, predictions are made through detailed analysis to predict next key-words and search trends to generate content or tweak content according these keywords.

Some Real Life Examples:

Example 1

The Greek Financial crisis was in the news in the past few months. And after the referendum,Greek crisis was trending the most. (Refer image below)

Greek Financial Crisis Trending

A Tourist company which has Greece as part of Tourist packages can utilize the attention and search for Greek crisis to generate traffic to the website. The tourist company can write articles like:

 “Greek crisis: Is it best time for travel in Greece?”

 “Greek is off Euro: How does it affect your Europe travel plans”

and one can tag it off as “Greek Crisis”. Through these articles, one can rank high on Google and get more visits by providing great content. Greek Crisis did not take place overnight. It was work in progress since last 5 years.

Example 2

Every year,  an iPhone is released, there is bump in search queries just before & after the launch of new iPhone. This is going for the last few years (See the image below for reference)

Using Google trends, Google can predict approximate coverage of iPhone as well (see dotted lines in the graph) . Google predicts there will be surge in queries in September.  One can use this predictive SEO to create content like:

“iPhone7 or not : iPhone4s to get new OS”

“iPhone7 or not : Android continues to dominates Indian Smartphone”

iPhone search information

Example 3

Another classic example is Income tax filing. If you are bank or financial institution, who help customers in online filing of income tax, Google trends can provide you an interesting aspect of what people are searching, and  on what days/months.

online income tax filing searches

Predicting future trend is not an easy task, it requires knowledge of current affairs to predict reasonably. If one researches well about their field, Google will provide knowledge on what would be search terms.

There are some events that take place every year, quarterly or 4 yearly. Whether it is MBA courses, engineering or CBSE results.

With Social Media coming in to the picture, Predictive analysis of keywords has become more challenging. To overcome this, few companies provide tools where these tools provide statistical analysis of data and thus are able to predict trends all over the world. These tools use advanced algorithms to behavioral patterns which in turn affect search queries.

Another aspect of Predictive SEO is utilizing the data on their own website or Google. On what people are searching, what links they are clicking, etc.

Big Companies such as Amazon do lot of predictive analysis.

Example: These days Wimbledon is all over the news. Two week event is most popular game in Tennis.

So what Amazon did to catch on tennis euphoria is create separate tennis store on its main page. (See below image for reference)

Amazon main page

Even Google has tweaked its news section to include Wimbledon 2015. (See below image for reference)

Google’s news section

One can use predictive analysis in SEM campaigns as well. Taking example of Wimbledon,refer below image ( marked in red color). Google has started showing shopping results for Wimbledon.

Google has tweaked in search results to include shopping results as well.

Predictive Analysis

Similarly, if your are a Digital marketer, Marathon is excellent opportunity for sports related promotions such as Sports drinks, Shoes, Athletics materials.

A look in Google trends reveal interesting aspect, marathon searches peak during winter, i.e December , January of every year.  This data give opportunity to create content around marathon related keywords.

marathon search queries

Predictive SEO & Analysis requires understanding of the industry and it requires resources to predict future, but with help of machine learning and better statistical analysis of huge data, even smaller companies can accurately predict next buzzwords / search terms.

Predictive, Descriptive Models and Decision models are few models used to forecast / predict future events. Using Predictive analytics tools requires advanced skills. Many organizations are adopting predictive SEO analysis into decision-making processes and integrating it into their operations.