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Are risk management courses and the confusion to choose one putting your careers at risk? Well, you needn’t worry anymore. They are not as confusing. They are pretty easy to take on as well as to choose from. You can easily compare and analyse for yourself which risk manager course do you want to undertake.

FRM: It stands for Financial Risk Manager. It is a globally recognised professional certification provided by the Global Associations of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA). The certification and study induces one to go deeper into the financial markets and analyse it to configure risks.

PRM: It stands for Professional Risk Manager. It is recognised world-wide and has an international certification provided by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA). It enhances one’s risk management skills to assess and analyse financial markets accurately.


 FRM vs PRM infographic

PS: The work experience mentioned in the infographic is to attain the charter whereas to take the FRM and PRM examinations, one need not necessarily have work experience.


It does not matter what course you opt for but go through these tips to help you out with both the exams:

• Both the exams allow the use of calculators; so while preparing use only those calculators to get a hand set grip on them.

• Make use of practice papers and worksheets available on the net.

• Go through the previous question papers but do not cling onto them because your exam may contain similar questions not the SAME!

• Make sure that while writing the practice papers you time yourself so that you finish well in time on the examination date.

• Give quality time when you are studying , rather than quantity. You may sit in front of the book for 10 hours and not absorb anything or you may sit for 3 hours and gain more than you gained the whole week .

• Do not forget to make notes. I know that you will remember that point but just for a cross check jot it down.

• The formulas and equations can be written in pieces of papers and put in different pockets , so that each time you feel your pockets to find the magic money you get an equation that will help you get there.

• Lastly, don’t stress or panic. It’s an exam you are giving not fighting the world war. So study hard and well. Give it your best!

See, it wasn’t that difficult or confusing. Simple and clear! You can easily evaluate which is the course you want to enrol in. If you are confused and want any other help, leave a comment below or visit FRM and PRM pages.