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Upcoming Online Seminar

Learn the dynamics of Accounting with ACCA

ACCA is the largest and fastest-growing professional accountancy body in the world

20-Sep-20 (12pm- 1pm)

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How to become a
Finance Expert

Learn the skills required to become a leader in the Finance Industry

12-Sep-20 (12pm - 1pm)

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Get a career boost
with PGP-BAT

Learn the skills required for a successful career in accounting and taxation

12-Sep-20 (5pm - 6pm)

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Why Risk Management
is one of the
highest paying jobs

Learn the significance of risk management and its applications in the industry

19-Sep-20 (5pm - 6pm)

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Why Management Accountants are different than other Accountants

Learn what makes CMA a more desirable and respected designation in the corporate world

19-Sep-20 (12pm - 1pm)

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Boost your
Accounting career with
Financial Modeling

Learn the building blocks of finance with Financial Modelling

13-Sep-20 (5pm - 6pm)

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How to Upskill for a Global Accounting Career

EduPristine is Becker's official partner for providing CPA Program Classes in India.

13-Sep-20 (12pm - 1pm)

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