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Start learning Financial Modeling in 10 Easy Steps

Unlike most of the other businesses, all finance professionals have to continuously work with large amount of numbers. Almost everyone uses MS Excel to create financial models to analyse and project financial statements. A mastery over financial modeling will give all the professionals an edge over others as they can do their work faster and with more accuracy.

Number crunching is one the most important aspects of any job in the world of finance. Unlike other businesses, professionals in the finance industry have to work with large amounts of numbers. There is thus a need for people who have a good knowledge of MS Excel to create financial projections, analyze competition and markets and make financial models.

A mastery over Excel is actually a way to excel in the finance world, as it ensures accuracy, speed and can give you that edge over your peers. The EduPristine Financial Modeling course will teach you the basic of MS Excel all the way to creating successful Financial Models. By the end of the course, you will be able to independently build models that are robust and provide dynamic projections that can be used to thoroughly analyze a company from multiple standpoints: operations, investment, financing and valuation.

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Financial Modeling for Facebook Valuation

Learn the art of financial modeling. Creating the models and making them open source is a general process followed, so here we will discuss the step by step procedure to be followed for creating the Facebook financial model and review the financial value.



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Modeling the Historical Profit and Loss of Facebook

Understand the process of getting profit and loss data from the S1 Filing. After getting the data, you can easily proceed with creating the model.



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Balance Sheet

Learn about the base rule and the process of creating the balance sheet.



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Cash Flow Statement

Cash Flow Statement is the only true statement in all the financial statements. It speaks about the real cash which flowed in and out. Start creating and understanding the cash flow statements.



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Modeling balance sheet differences as cash

Create balance sheet and understand how changes in the sheet can be used to estimate the amount of cash consumed/ released from the business.



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Cash as Balancing Figure

Implement the basic knowledge now and find the real cash at the end of the year and ensure that it balances with the cash on the balance sheet.



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Drivers and assumptions

Start modeling the historical drivers of the business and project the future based on past performance & growth of the company & analysts view about the company and overall economy's condition.



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Projecting the statement

Create the models for Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement of Facebook. Once we have the projected future and the cash, it will be easy to estimate the value that the organization will have!



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Ratio Analysis

Understand the Performance Measurement part of the model. Start performing Ratio Analysis to see what has happened and what could happen in future!



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Analyse and check how much money something should be exchanged for today by considering future benefits.

Why You should do our Financial Modeling Paid Course?

If you are an Enterprenuer planning to raise funds, graduate looking for a career in Finance, Executive at a bank analyzing businesses, or planning to invest in stock shares, then analysis based on Financial Projections is a basis necessity in all these situations. A practical course in Financial modeling lead by expert instructors will help you understand the difference between a good model and a bad model. This course will inculcate a logical approach in you so as to increase your efficiency in modeling as you transform into a PRO.

While with our 10 Days Trial Financial Modeling Course, you would be able to understand Financial Modeling at a basic level. However, with our course, learn Financial Modeling advance techniques while minimizing the risk of error and using validation tools in a better way. With basic knowledge you would be able to create robust and easy models, but with our practical course in Financial Modeling, learn to create "Realistic Models" with high degree of detailing and clarity. Gain an in-depth understanding of financial modeling techniques to succeed in today’s demanding environment.

Learn to construct an integrated financial model - from scratch . With Financial Modeling you will not only m aster in the art of Excel, but also you will be able to make flexible projections that can be used to thoroughly analyze a company from multiple standpoints: Planning, Investment, Financing and Valuation./

Who should do this course:

Commerce Graduates, MBA Students,Financial and Business Analyst, Financial controller, managers and modelers, chief Financial Officers,Risk Managers, CAs, Corporate treasury management,Middle office staff,General managers, Fund manager, PE Fund manager.

Get 100% Placement assistance:

Few companies which hire Financial Modeling candidates e.g. E&Y, eMatrix Knowledge, Deutsche Bank, KPMG, Aditya Birla Minacs, HSBS, Barclays, RBS, POLARIS, HCL, United Stock Exchange, Mahindra, UST Global, World Bank, Capgemini, L&T Infrastructure Finance, Thomson Reuters, Infiniti Research , Igate global and many more.


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