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Digital Marketing Scope

The Digital Marketing training program provided by EduPristine is created with keeping everyone in mind. This course uses simple language to explain study material to both beginners and professionals.

The digital world is vast, and along with it is the work that can be done in it. Digital marketing is likely to create 1.5 lakh jobs by the end of 2016.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of methods which improve the online presence of a website in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) deals with promoting websites primarily on Search Engine Results Page with purchasing Ads.
Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the form of digital marketing which is used to increase the "awareness" of a website in social media platforms.
Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the form of digital marketing where social media is leveraged to build the quality audience and improve recognition by purchasing Ads on them.
Email Marketing
Everyone has an e-mail address which they check almost daily. Email marketing is used to get directed traffic and marketing of products worldwide.
Web Analytics refers to the tools and methods used to keep track of visitor activity and make changes to the campaign while monitoring its effects on user behavior.

The course on Digital marketing is a program which covers all the topics of online marketing. The topics include SEO, SEM, SMO, Email marketing, Lead Management and much more...

Who is this course for?


Scope of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing Training Outline

Digital Marketing course online

Here are a few of the jobs that one can get after learning digital marketing: -

  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. SEO Manager
  3. SEM Specialist
  4. Digital Sales Executive
  5. Email Marketing Executive
  6. SEO Expert
  7. Web analytics expert
  8. Social Media Marketing Executive

Along with these jobs, one can also work as a freelancer and work on projects at their leisure. There is no limit to the work that someone with Digital Marketing Training can get. Having your very own digital marketing certificate will give you an advantage over others.

At EduPristine, we have trained more than 30,000 professionals in different verticals like Digital Marketing, Analytics, Project Management, Finance and Accounting. We believe in providing hands-on training with the theoretical aspects to complete the learning experience.

Who are we?


The EduPristine Advantage


EduPristine prides itself on providing the best quality of education. As an Institute of Digital Marketing, EduPristine ensures that the students who take training learn in a good environment with practical training. 

What you'll learn

In the Digital Marketing Training program, you will be learning about SEO, SEM, PPC, Analytics, Affiliate and Email Marketing via real-world case studies. We provide HD tutorial videos, mock tests, and topic wise study notes. 
By the end of the training  program, you will be completely ready for performing all the marketing activities digitally!

This digital marketing training will enable you to become an Online Marketing wizard with the most comprehensive classroom and online program. In this Digital Marketing program, you will work on live projects. Also, a budget will be provided to each student for Ad campaigns so that they can learn and experiment. Get your Digital Marketing Certification NOW!

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Students seeking career opportunities

Entrepreneurs wanting to improve sales

Freelancers looking for projects

Professionals who want to enhance their marketing skills

EduPristine provides up to date training with work on live projects. 

Digital Marketing course online

Up to date training with work on live projects. 

For online marketing work such as PPC or other ads, a student is allotted budget which they can use to learn how these technologies work

Online Digital Marketing course

Revenue is alloted for PPC and other Ads

Assignments are an integral part of learning. EduPristine gives proper assignments and case studies on live domains and projects. 

Digital marketing online course

Proper assignments and live case studies

EduPristine provides both online and classroom training program for Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Training

Online training as well as class room training

The students have access to the material for reading and review 24x7. 

Digital Marketing course

24x7 access to material

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Lead Management
Lead Management
Reaching the customers is the first step to growth. Learn about the different ways to generate leads, nurture and convert them.
Website Development
Learn how to create your own website using Wordpress - The most popular tool to create great websites.
Website Development
Growth Hacking
Growth hacking helps you in getting the initial traction really quick.  It is a set of strategies for improving reach immediately.
Digital Marketing Certification

Certificate of Participation and Excellence from EduPristine.

Professional Certification

Growth Hacking

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After successfully conducting the training program of Digital Marketing developed and taught by Edupristine I can doubtlessly affirm it's been one of the best investments on learning and professional development I've made, both due to the quality of the teaching materials and techniques learnt and studied throughout the course, as well as to the expertise and knowledge of the teachers. It's a wonderful mix of theoretical and practical learning and one of the highlights is that, despite other online courses, learning through a series of webinars allows you to question and apply the knowledge and techniques to your specific field or industry, becoming an incomparably tailored learning experience.

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