Important dates and Registration process for FRM-2016

FRM Certification is a globally recognized professional certification for banking and finance professionals by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) and the first step towards this is getting yourself registered for the FRM Exam. The exam is divided into two parts which must be taken consecutively. Registration can be done online at the GARP website.

The FRM Exams are offered twice in a year on the third Saturday in May and the third Saturday in November. If you are planning to give the FRM exam in 2016 then for registration, you must take mental notes of the important dates to avoid missing out on any of the opportunities.

Here are a few important dates pertaining to the FRM Exam:

Important dates for FRM 2016
FRM May-16 Nov-16
FRM Enrollment Fees $300 Valid for 4 years Valid for 4 years
Exam Fees If you register between these dates
Exam Early Registeration $350 Dec1, 2015 – January 31, 2016 1st May 2016 – 31st July 2016
Exam Standard Registration $475 Feb 1, 2016 – Feb 28, 2016 1st Aug 2016 – 31st Aug 2016
Exam Late Registration $650 March 1, 2016 – April 15, 2016 1st Sep 2016 – 15th Oct 2016

Once you know the deadlines for registration, you can proceed further by getting yourself registered with the registration as per your convenience by following the below procedure:

1.Go to the FRM Exam registration page.

FRM Important Dates

This is for GARP registration. Once you will fill all the details and click on the green button, a FRM account will be created for you on the GARP website. This registered email id and password will work as login credentials for your GARP Account.

2. Once you have moved to the next screen, the following page will appear:

FRM Important Dates

As there is a lot of information asked on this page. We’ll help you to fill the information for each part:

i. Exam Information

FRM Important Dates

In the ‘register for’ field, choose which exam you want to register for. You can register either for FRM part I or both FRM part I and II.

In the exam test site field, the various test centre cities across the globe are listed. You can choose from them, the centre of your preference from the drop down menu.

ii. Mailing Address:

FRM Important Dates

You can give either your home or work address depending on your needs. Don’t enter the country code in the phone number field.

iii. Job Information:

In the company name field, you can either choose your company name from the drop down list or enter the name of the company. Similarly for Corporate title, choose your job title from drop down or enter it manually.

In the job function field, only the dropdown works. Choose the Job function closest to your job description or choose “other” if none in the field apply. Similarly for type of organization, choose the type that closely describes your company or choose “other” if none apply.

iv. How did you hear about us?

FRM Important Dates

This field asks about how you get to know about FRM program. You can either scroll through them all or scroll down completely and choose “other”, depending on your patience level.

v. Privacy Policies

FRM Important Dates

As said earlier, from the information you have provided on the first screen, an account for GARP would be created. In the privacy policies section you can choose if you would like to be contacted by GARP or its partners. Check the second box for this.

You can also choose if you would like to be contacted by GARP authorised training providers like EduPristine regarding their training packages. This would help you to look at some very good training providers at competitive prices. We would suggest you to choose this option. Check the first box for this.

Once you have checked the appropriate options. Click on the “continue onto payment button”.

3. Payment

FRM Important Dates

On the payment screen, there’s an option for you to buy official FRM books for an additional $250. If you’d like to buy them, check the box beside the image of the books.

There are 4 methods to make the payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Credit card via FAX (Processing fee of $50)
  • Pay with check (Processing fee of $50)
  • Pay with wire transfer (Processing fee of $50)

If you choose credit card, the following screen appears:

FRM Important Dates

Fill in your credit card details and choose “use different address below” to enter a billing address different from the mailing address. GARP also gives you an option for auto renewal for its membership, if you’d like to opt for it. Check the box.

If you choose any other option besides Credit card, you’ll be mailed the details of payment procedure on the email address you have shared.

After the registration, all you have to do is check the FRM syllabus . For preparing yourself you can either opt for self-study or get professional training from an institute of repute like EduPritine. We provide both online and classroom training which is taken by experts from the industry.

FRM Question Bank

For every exam, time management is very important and everyone wants a precise course content in a prioritized manner along with the key questions which will help them to understand the concept in less time.

There have been many discussions about which materials are best to use while preparing for the FRM exams. Some people will refer to the study material provided by GARP, some will look for question banks – a precise way to learn various topics. Rule of thumb is to start studying with easy topics which require less effort; after understanding the basics proceed with the advanced topics along with practicing questions.

Here we are providing a set of questions from various sources which might help you while preparing for the exam however this is not all what one has to study. The sample questions below show only the formats used in FRM exams.
Click to view Study plan suggested by GARP

Question Bank for FRM

Below are the links to various sample question papers which you can practice while preparing for the exams.

More Questions

Free Study Material

For becoming FRM, practicing questions only will not help .One has to study each and every topic. To learn more about the various other topics you can download free study material for FRM.

More Free downloads :

Authorized by GARP   EduPristine provides online and classroom training for FRM

In case of further doubts, you can post your questions on the EduPristine forum!

FRM Handbook

At the time of exams  you will be stressed out and confused about whether you are actually prepared or not or what to study at that time .In this situations nobody might seems to understand you, but relax, there is nothing to worry . For every exam, time management is very important and everyone wants a precise course content in a prioritized manner which will help them to understand the concept in less time. So follow the quick FRM handbook for the whole overview and preparation of FRM which comprises details from basic information, exam prerequisites to FRM syllabus, important dates etc. which will help you to get an edge in the FRM Examination.

About FRM

• Globally recognized professional certification for banking and finance professionals by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) 

• Fairly difficult and exclusive certification in the area of Finance and Risk Management

• Over 26,000 FRM charter-holders in 136 countries across the globe

• It is a two part exam conducted in the months of May and November

• Minimum Eligibility Criteria: A graduate is eligible to give the exam.

Benfits of FRM Certification

• Lucrative career options in Risk Management, Trading, Structuring, Modeling, etc. FRM holders have positions such as Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Head of Operational Risk, and Director, Investment Risk Management, to name a few. 

• Strong value addition to your skills, credentials and resume.

• Complete coverage of risk management concepts.

The average salary of a FRM professional is almost INR 1,000,000.

Check out the comparison FRM vs CFA Detailed analysis of Fees, Difficulty, Time Required, Salaries etc.

Exam Pre-requisites

To become a Certified FRM, candidates must meet a two year professional work experience requirement. 

However, there are no educational or professional prerequisites to sit for either part of the FRM Exam. Once candidates pass both parts of the FRM Exam, they must satisfy the work experience requirement before they can become certified and use the FRM designation.

FRM Syllabus

The curriculum comprises of the topic areas below, and there are two exams (parts) that test the academic portion for the FRM program. Both parts have a strong emphasis on Quants, while the material differences among the exams are: 

Subjects of FRM Part-1 Time Required for preparation Weightage in the exam

Foundations of Risk Management



Quantitative Analysis



Financial Markets and Products



Valuation and Risk Models



Subjects of FRM Part-2 Time Required for preparation Weightage in the exam

Market Risk Measurement and Management



Credit Risk Measurement and management



Operational and Integrated Risk Management



Risk Management and investment Management



Current Issues in Financial Markets





Last Date Registration Enrollment Exam Total

Nov’15 to Jan’16

Early Registration

One Time$ 300




Standard Registration



Mar’16 to April’16

Late Registration


$ 950

If you want to know more about the exam you can get the free comprehensive guidebook provided by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA).

Download free FRM Handbook provided by GARP.

In case of further doubts, you can post your questions on the EduPristine forum

How do you intend to celebrate after your CFA exams?

Your CFA exams have gotten over. All that stress has been let out on paper and now you are free. You can do whatever you want. Those sleepless nights, the struggle to cram all the data in your head, along with those annoying formulae’s has come to an end. You own the world in your own way. Here are some ways in which you can celebrate.

“The bed loving”

As the exams have finally ended you can throw yourself on the bed and no one can question you. Just snooze off, no one to disturb this sleeping beauty. Sleep like that’s the only thing you have to do. Sleep as much as you want to; spend some time with your pillow. It’s been a while that the bed, quilt and the pillow got some attention from you.

“The pizza vision”

It’s time you eat the best of the world, and what’s better than PIZZA?! Nothing! Pizza, your favourite movie or sitcom, slouching on your couch munching and munching till your stomach has reached its limit. The television is calling you; you can pop your eyes out now in front of the idiot box.

“The party animal”

Call up all your friends, or maybe go for a night out. You can party all night. You have earned it. Just go out with your buddies and chill. Just be yourself. Dance the night away, go crazy (just don’t get into trouble). Dress up, it’s been long since you gave some importance to your body. Make yourself feel special and own the night.

“The family outing”

Spend some time with your family, order some food and everyone can gather around and just have some good family time. Remember the old times or create some new memories. Play some indoor games that gets everyone’s spirits up!

“The Vacationer”

You can pack your bags and fly to any corner of the world. It is a well-deserved vacation. Find yourself a good place and just let go of yourself. You can let your guard down and ease out a little. Take a break and relax.

Lastly: “Your own way”

Do what you love most! Be as crazy as you want to!

Which one would you choose?

The bed loving
The pizza vision
The party animal
The family guy
the vacationer

Poll Maker

Things FRM exam takers are tired of hearing

There are different types of people who will have different opinions on FRM exam takers. Some will criticize, some will encourage and some will discourage you and some will be neutral with the whole concept. But one thing is sure they will always give their “loud opinion” and advice and lectures and… you know they will probably waste a few hours explaining their point. It may be annoying at times (okay most of the time) but let’s just see if you can relate to the things people tell to FRM exam takers:

  • “Do you even know what FRM stands for?”

 If I didn’t know what FRM stands for … Well I don’t deserve to live. After all I am taking the FRM examinations .

  • “Oh, there are so many exams now. You can choose any. In the end it’s the salary you get that matters.”

Well, sir thank you that was a great observation but I think it’s more important to be qualified enough to receive the salary you are receiving.

  • “Don’t worry it’s very easy, John cleared it in one go without even studying that much”

I am not X and I would like to work as hard as I can so I can give my best but Mr John’s qualification has been recorded.

  • “FRM! That’s a difficult course. Really requires guts to take on a course like that”

At least I have one attribute i.e. being courageous. Forget about FRM.

  • “I don’t think you will be able to clear FRM. Andreas used to top in his class and he still didn’t clear it.”

You have made my work so much easier. I don’t need to look at the books anymore to be discouraged. I can come straight to you.

  • “Take a break, you have studied enough. You will surely pass”

How I wish you were going to correct my FRM exam paper I would surely pass.

  • “Do you ever study? FRM is it or are you just wasting time?”

It’s my break time. And yes I do intend to pass with good marks.

“All the best”
In the end I would like to say all the best and work really hard regardless of what people say. It’s your career and other people’s opinion doesn’t count when you are set to clear the FRM exams with flying colours. Finally, after you are done with your FRM exams, don’t forget to follow these do’s & don’ts.

Myths about FRM: Busted!

Superstitions have inhabited this world even before humans did and it’s time we exorcise some of them. They are not doing any good to you as well as the world.  FRM exams are right around the corner and we (at least I) don’t have time to entertain these myths and superstitions.
Some Myths that need to be scooped out of your head:

#1 “Book x has all the important topics, every year the paper is set from that book”

Time to come back to the earthen planet and reality and “co incidence” is the word you are looking for. The FRM exam setters would never set their papers according to a certain book. If you are getting all the material in one book which is explained well and coincidentally a question or two would have come in the previous FRM paper from that book doesn’t mean that, that’s the only book you refer to or you shouldn’t refer to that book. You should always refer to a variety of study material for your FRM exams and not restrict yourself to certain materials as one set of materials cannot contain all the information. So refer to more books rather than just the book X.

#2 “You know what? John studied only for 3 weeks and still cleared the FRM Exams!”

Well, John’s friend, are you aware of how did he pass the FRM exams with just 3 weeks of preparation? I’ll tell you, you would have to investigate a little. John probably had a risk management background or maybe he knew this topic really well due to some course, seminar or something that he attended in his life. John probably devoted every second of those three weeks without batting an eyelid and actually focusing on each word that he read that it was so well imbibed in his head. Not everyone has the same learning or retention capacity. Everyone studies differently, has different ways of retaining stuff in their brain. NEVER compare or try to imitate someone else’s study pattern right before your exam. Go through your pattern as you would be more comfortable that way. John studies differently and you study differently. So actually work hard to clear the FRM Exams.

#3 “The GARP material is the best material as it’s from the people who have set the exams”

NO! It might be one of the best materials, you might get an insight on the exam pattern and everything but it certainly is not the only thing you should refer to. There are a zillion books written by zillion people. Why would they waste their time when everyone would be referring to the GARP material? There are books that explain the concepts better and get you thorough with the topic. Don’t limit your knowledge, read and explore!

#4 “The best way to study is only through books/videos/tables/charts/notes/classes”

Again wrong! The best way to study is your way of studying. A combination of all is the best way. That way you extract all types of knowledge and your brain is not exposed to certain of format of learning. Different formats of learning help to retain better and also procure more knowledge.

#5 “I don’t think I will be able to pass this exam, I have a job/ baby/classes/ house/hair…”

That is the worst thing you can do to yourself, make excuses for not studying. Ridiculous I say! Excuses will never help you pass the exam nor will complaining. Rather than wasting time complaining, open your study material and for once actually study! Laziness looks good only after you have achieved all that you wanted. And if you didn’t want an FRM certification why did you enrol for it in the first place. You can achieve anything only if you try. So get up and set down to make this mission possible!

Hopefully you have cleared all your misconceptions and are not going to limit yourself anyhow. Work hard and get results that make you happy. Prepare well and all the best!

Need help with last minute preparation for FRM? Check out this mindmap which will help you remember everything in quantitative analysis. Download now!