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Cloudera Certification- Launching Great Careers in Hadoop

January 9, 2015
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What is Cloudera Certification?

EduPristine offers Cloudera Test prep program for everyone aspiring to clear the Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH) examination. Cloudera aims to enhance your leadership and analytical skills in the sphere of data management.

Why Cloudera?
The way interns in the field of Medicine are made to work in a hospital setting prior to their actual practice and enhance their expertise; a Hadooper needs practical hands-on training in a Hadoop ecosystem to perform efficiently. JAVA or .NET certification are certifications that are no longer remain impressive in this technology age, wherein enterprises are looking for people, who are able to access terabytes of raw data. The need for a centralized system that can resist this change is Hadoop. Hadoop Training is gaining momentum in the recent years, as it is regarded as a 'Hot-technology' certification that is a downright career-changer. To get a solid foundation and demonstrate one's ability to perform in Hadoop system, it is essential to gain one-on-one training. We offer Cloudera certification that will help you kick-start your Hadoop career and hop on the bandwagon of Hadoopers instantly.

Why Cloudera over Hortonworks?
Usually abbreviated as CDH, Cloudera has been providing strong security to companies that want to integrate their data sources. Under its umbrella, it has built a reputation of providing business units based for Hadoop analysis for Facebook, Google, Oracle and Yahoo since 2008. That said, Cloudera has slowly become a leading player in big data and Hadoop sphere. Prospective employers consider the Cloudera Certification as a valuable one. Cloudera certification has been designed by the ubergeek data scientists for aspiring data scientists who aspire to succeed in real-world enterprise data.

Importance of Cloudera
Hadoop can be a great challenge to learn on one's own, given the plethora of sites offering guidance online. Cloudera certification has been specifically designed for developers, administrators and analysts who plan to pursue hands-on training by expert instructors. This is not only a certification, but also a proof that you have fully understood the concepts and have a good hold over them.
Hadoop is becoming a crucial pillar for enterprises in the recent times and its importance has been well-regarded (*Big Data's importance for an enterprise). Companies are on the lookout for people who have a relatively new or rare skill. A Certification in Cloudera is very much worth investing, since it will pave your way to deliver more with less experience. There is a dearth of professionals who have the knack in handling Hadoop sacks with their analytical skills, which is why the Cloudera Certification came into existence.

How can Hadoop Students benefit from Cloudera?
Students after their Hadoop training don’t have access to early corpus of real-world experience which the Industry is seeking for. Cloudera certification ensures that you take traditional exams to prove your abilities and get to work on live data-sets. It will help you train to demonstrate your abilities in realistic setting.

Jobs after Cloudera Certification:

Considering a lot of buzz around Hadoop jobs, opportunities in Hadoop are expected to grow exponentially and pay is estimated to increase in 2015.
Advertising, Financial services, Healthcare, National defense, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail and Telecom industry are all working on Big Data and Hadoop.

If you are dead-set on gaining Hadoop jobs, then this is the best way you can brush up your technical skills and domain knowledge. To get Jobs in Hadoop one must have the unique combination of skills that are touted as the most-sought after ones. Companies like TCS are employing Cloudera certified big data experts(*TCS to hire certified Big Data experts.

Who can do this course?
This course is best suited for Software Engineers who want to explore great deal of opportunities in Hadoop. Managers who wish to integrate latest technologies in their organization and meet the challenges of data management can do this course. If you are a graduate or a post-graduate, and aspire to get into IT to discover some cutting edge technologies, then this certification is for you. Experience in JAVA will serve as a great help in taking up this certification.

Why EduPristine?
At EduPristine, we offer Cloudera course that is condensed in 20 Hrs classroom sessions. Get practically trained by Industry experts in small batches, wherein, each person will be given undivided attention. In case you miss any class, you have an option of learning concepts through Live Online sessions and 24x7 Online access to course material like presentations and excel models. Download free study notes including video tutorials and recordings. As far as exams are concerned, we will help you prepare for the Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH) examination through our rigorous Exam preparations.
Are you new to Hadoop? Know more about our Hadoop Training.


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