A guide to withstand the expenses in the USA for USMLE

April 5, 2017
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Studying in the US is a dream for many students in India. The updated and most advanced US education system have attracted many Indian students to US. Every year about 70,000 students go to US for further studies. However, the US education is not cheap. Also, students from all over the world apply for US education institutions making it most competitive ones.

Availability of Loans for Medical Student:

A master’s course in a good US university could cost about 50 lakhs as tuition fees. This is a large amount for most of Indian student. But studying in US has been easier now due to availability of educational loans at very good interest rate. Less documentation and faster processing is now possible. An acceptance letter for US Education University and a guarantor with collateral is required. The loan can be repaid after completion of education course or starting of a job. Many Indian students have been benefited by this facility.

Availability of Scholarship in USMLE:

The US education institution recognises the financial constrains the students go through during education and hence has made available scholarship opportunities for them.   Many scholarship opportunities are available for international students from many Indian and US private and governmental organisation. A thorough screening procedure and personal interview is done before allocating the scholarship. Scholarships are available on the institution portal and also department portal.  Proper guidance from seniors or your mentor is of vital importance during scholarship application. 

Jobs a USMLE student can do:

Most of the student entering the US have a F1 visa. The student visa entitles you to work in your respective educational institution for maximum 20 hours. A minimum hourly wage is given to you decided by the state labour or federal authority of US. Many campus jobs are available in library, dinning, gymnasium, college games and hostels. The student should be applying through the university job portals to many such opening. It is illegal to work outside your education institution if you are on a F1 visa.

The J1 visa is also an educational visa which entitles you to work in a particular institution and also illegal to work outside the education institution which granted j1 visa. A H1B is a work visa which entitles you to work in US and can work in other institutions also. However, a H1B sponsor is require and have to pay a fess to the issuing authority.

Research option in USMLE:

Research is given a substantial importance in the US. Many multinational companies and educational institutions has research and development projects in US. They offer a lots of research opportunities and funds to the right candidate. Also teaching assistant or research assistant are needed in all department and their requirement is also put up on the department boards. Many research fellows’ examination and selection criteria are laid down on their website or even job portals. A right candidate irrespective of their citizenship will be selected. The candidate should be vigilant and should thoroughly search on research or scholarship portal. A good application, favourable recommendation letters and references are needed during the application. 


About the Author

Mayur has completed his USMLE and is working as a radiologist in reputed private hospital in India. He has been accepted in a clinical fellowship program in radiology department in the one of the best cancer center in USA.

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