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Jobs in Finance

October 26, 2013
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Disclaimer: This is to clarify that EduPristine has no economic interest in any job postings that are done at our website except for those being offered by EduPristine. The job postings are for information purpose only and are aimed at participants who are pursuing studies in the area of finance. Any due diligence that has to be done by the company and by the candidate is to be done at their own end. EduPristine would be, in no way, responsible for any false information provided by the company or the candidate.

Job Vacancy 1

Job Title:  Business Analyst

Firm: A Leading KPO

Location: Gurgaon

Job description

  • Build financial and valuation models for client businesses.
  • Benchmarking to regional and global standards.
  • Assist the Senior Consultant/Principle Consultant in project execution.
  • Ability to work and deliver in a team.
  • Review of budgets and analysis of variances.
  • Preparation of financial forecasts and tracking of performance.
  • Analysing and summarising financial results benchmarked to KPIs.

Desired Attributes

  • Clear financial and quantitative concepts
  • Clear logical/analytical abilities
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint skills


  • Experience at a premier investment bank, rating agency, consulting firm or in the corporate planning and strategy group of a leading corporate.

Experience: 2 – 6 Years of post qualification experience

Qualification: CFA / Financial Modeling

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 2

Job Title: Equity Analyst

Firm: A Leading Financial Service Provider

Location: Mumbai

Job Description

  • Study and prepare research reports on midcap and small cap companies to provide value-added services to clients.
  • Pick trends in the market, shortlist companies that could provide smart returns, be brief but effectively communicate.


  • Good written and spoken English, should be comfortable with numbers crunching, experience/knowledge of ways stocks are priced in market.
  • Experience of the ways markets behave, drafting skills, ability to convey/communicate.


  • CFA / CA / MBA

Experience Required: 1 – 3 Years

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Jobs in Finance

Job Vacancy 3

Job Title: Financial Analyst

Firm: A Leading Risk Management Firm

Location: Delhi

Job description

  • Preparation of Business Information Report by analyzing data (financial and non financial) available from Registrar of Companies and Other Sources.
  • Extracting the missing information by calling the subject company or internet search to compile the Business Information Report
  • Ratio analysis for a particular company and the effects of Govt. policies and regulations on it and the industry as a whole.   Also analyzing on amalgamation / mergers and acquisitions
  • Quality Check on ready reports and handling queries on already dispatched Business Information Reports.

Skills Required

  • Must be familiar with MS Office, Excel, Word and E-mail / Internet and basic IT Skills.

Experience: 1 – 3 Years of post qualification experience

Qualification: CFA / Financial Modeling

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 4

Job Title: Business Analyst

Firm: A Leading KPO

Location: Mumbai

Job description

  • Collecting financial data using on-line and other data sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters
  • Coordinating and maintaining databases
  • Historical model building and developing forecasts
  • Developing company's operating metrics in conjunction with their relevance in different sectors/ companies
  • Extensive company valuation involving approaches such as DCF, DDM, Trading and transaction multiples, EVA etc
  • Extensive report-writing including company profiles, earning notes, quarterly updates, initiating coverage reports, sector reports, newsletters technology primers, Flash notes, Theme-based reports etc
  • Listening to and summarizing investment conference calls and even conducting management interviews
  • Developing road-show presentations
  • Handling adhoc research requests as per client requirements

Skill Set Required

  • Ability to identify and solve issues effectively on time, eye for details
  • Good MS Office Skills
  • Strong Accounting and financial skills
  • Basic knowledge of macroeconomics aggregates, regression analysis
  • Ability to ensure that tasks within areas of responsibility are completed in a timely manner
  • Challenging current thinking by implementing new ways of working
  • Ability to practice attentive and active listening skills
  • Ability to identify pro active ways to contribute to firms goals & mission
  • Knowledge of database tools – Bloomberg, Reuters and other financial data systems
  • Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills

Experience: 1 – 3 Years relevant experience

Qualification: CFA / Financial Modeling

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Jobs in Finance

Job Vacancy 5

Job Title: Investment Banking Analyst

Firm: A Leading KPO

Location: Gurgaon

Job description:

  • Support Investment Bankers in the US on various financial and business research products, primarily:
    • Writing Company Profiles / Industry Reports
    • Comparable Company Analysis and Comparable Transaction Analysis
    • Business Information Services
  • Working on various applications and databases such as Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Thomson Research, Thomson One, Factiva etc
  • In-depth knowledge of financial instruments / terminologies
  • Proficient in MS Office – Prior experience in Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Regular interaction with the client to ensure efficient process management and effective client support
  • Work under strict timelines, ability to prioritize work and multi-task
  • Ensuring the completion of the assigned tasks within strict timelines with zero errors
  • Working on Critical Projects / Pilots
  • Work under high pressure and long hours
  • Other Skills / Capabilities: Analytical mindset, Good communication skills, Problem solving capabilities, Ability to work independently, Handling client communication, Attention to minute details

P.S. Candidate should have experience in below.

  • Comparative Analysis
  • Company Comparable Analysis
  • Relative Valuation
  • Pitch book creation
  • Precedent Transactions

Experience: 1 – 4 Years relevant experience

Qualification: CFA / Financial Modeling with MBA Finance

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to


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