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4 Recent Features that you should use on Facebook

March 18, 2015
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Since Facebook’s organic reach is declining day by day, you are left with no other option other than advertising. Yes, you can engage your audience organically and reach out more to more people, but if you have the budget then why not advertise and get better results. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, remember that you are not the only one whose ad will be seen, so it is advisable to track the new developments in the ads feature to stay ahead of others. So today, we bring to you some of the recent developments on Facebook that can open a lot of marketing opportunities for you.

1. Multi Product Ads

When you are running your ad campaigns traditionally, you can add only a single image, a single description and a single headline. But as they say ‘The More The Better’ so now Facebook has recently introduced Multi Product ads wherein you can add 3 products in a single ad. Each product has its own image, description and click target. All these products share the same text and the social buttons (Like, Share, Comment). You can setup these multi products ads only using API or Facebook’s Power Editor and this ad unit is available for only two campaigns that is Click to Website and Website Conversions.

Multi product ads on Facebook

Points to remember while creating Multi product ad

  • Make sure that your headline and descriptions are of 25 and 30 characters respectively, so they fit the screen.
  • Like any other ad, the text on the image should not be more than 20%.
  • Don’t use large or wide images as these ads work on square dimension of 600*600 pixels.

2. Customize Remarketing Features

Basically, customize remarketing means running ads that reach the particular audience who have visited your website. Facebook had this option for quite sometime now, but now they have added features to it which makes it more beneficial to the marketers. Through this feature, you can reach out to a particular audience i.e., people who haven’t visited your website in a while, or people that have visited certain pages of your site.

Customize remarketing features

These types of campaigns help you to target the audience, who have visited your website but not made any purchase or the audience. Google adwords uses a similar type of remarketing feature but Facebook took it one step ahead by targeting the audience who have not visited your website for certain amount of time.

3. Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook has recently rolled out Dynamic Product ads to take the Facebook advertising to another level. This feature is currently available only to the API users but soon shall be rolled for everyone. Sometimes, if you wonder that how you see ads of similar products on Facebook that you saw on the website then these Dynamic product ads is the answer to your question. Through this feature you can promote the relevant product from your entire catalog on a particular device. Dynamic product ads work best for Ecommerce and Retailers with high web traffic and large inventory looking to engage their shoppers and drive conversions online.

Dynamic product ads on Facebook

For example, if a person recently visited your website and browsed for umbrella, then when she/he returns to their Facebook account then they shall see the ad of an umbrella or an ad from the similar section.

4. Featured Video & Playlist

We were not joking when we said that Facebook is giving Youtube a run for their money. Facebook is prompting the pages to upload the videos directly on Facebook instead of uploading it on Youtube. It recently came up with an option of featured video which your fans can they when they visit your video tab. To set up a featured video simply go to the videos tab of your page, add the videos (if they are not already uploaded) and click on the Add Featured Video.

Featured video on Facebook

You can also create a video playlist on your Facebook page that will help you to group the similar themed videos together. To create a Playlist go to the video tab of your page and select the option of Create Playlist. After that a new dialog box shall appear like the image below.

creating a video playlist on Facebook

A list of your videos shall appear and you can select your videos from them and your Playlist shall be created.

Have you used any of the above mentioned features on Facebook?? If yes, then share with us your experience about it. And if you think we have missed out on certain important feature the do mention it in the comments box below.

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