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Emerging issues in the Digital Age

As a decision maker in a business, everyone probably knows the phases of making a sale, namely:

  • Acquiring customers
  • Selling to the customer
  • Customer Retention

In older and simpler times, it was easy to get customers and sell to them and even make them come back to use your services. But with the advent of modern technologies and increasing competition, it is getting tougher and tougher to get to the audience.

Every day, more and more information is being created in the world. In fact, the amount of data that has been created in the last 2 years amounts to about 90% of total data available for human beings. There is no doubt that an average person would just skip the information that is not useful for him or would only really care about data that attracts him.

This has led to a problem for companies as they are unable to reach the entire audience that they wish to reach. Even with the problem of increasing population and increasing ways to reach the wider audience, things are just not working out. And the reason is that they do not know how to effectively leverage the digital world.

The evolving customer

An average person on a day to day basis is bombarded with tons and tons of information. Due to such massive explosion of data, a person is forced to skip information and dis-regard things at a level greater than ever before. This has led to a decrease in the attention span of an average person which causes further problem to grab the attention of a potential customer.

A customer has now become someone who takes immediate decisions based on the reviews that other people give and the image of the person/company selling the product. It is no more a case of providing good quality products as much as it is about brand recognition and reviews from fellow people. Due to a variety of options to choose from, the customer gets overwhelmed with choices.

Besides increase in the competition and digital data, the thing that is increasing is laziness. Yes, you read that correct, humans are getting lazy. They do not want to do anything, they want their work to get done as if by magic, while they rest in their comfortable chairs. Don’t we all wish that we could just have a good holiday while we still get the checks coming in for our work?

And after the invention of mobile phones and especially the smart phones, the level of laziness has increased two-folds. No one even wants to open up their laptop to do anything anymore. Google search statistics confirm that more than 60% of their searches in 2015 have been coming from mobile devices now rather than desktop computers.

So, to increase the effectiveness of a business improvement strategy, everyone is going mobile. There are apps and mobile responsive sites that are highly targeted for mobile devices. If you want to make millions of dollars in your business, going mobile immediately is your first step of action!

Introducing the digital media

Everyone is on digital media, be it Whatsapp, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, YouTube. You just name it. Digital media was designed as a way to enlighten people and reach everyone. Marketers can now exploit this as a way to get more people to know about them and their products.

An average person is exposed to Television, Radio, Computer and their mobile phones almost 80% of their waking times. And these are the best areas that marketers are using to constantly remind the consumer of exciting offers and products that they are providing.

But the digital media, especially the internet works in mysterious ways which is tough to predict. Internet is now considered the bread and butter of every human being. It is considered impossible in this modern day to live without the internet. We use it all the time to connect to our loved ones and the people we care about.

A digital marketer is someone who very well understands the human psychology and their need to stay connected. They are someone who can leverage the digital media for maximum conversions and attracting more customers.

About the workshop

This 4 day workshop is aimed at providing useful information along with practical examples to someone who wishes to expand their business. As someone who is higher up in the ladder of a corporation, they are the ones who take the decisions.

This workshop will make you more capable of understanding the intricacies of the digital world. It tells you what makes a content viral and how to manage it so that it reaches the maximum audience for which it was intended.

The value of a company lies in the content that they have and the decisions that they take for generating more revenue. And digital marketing is something that provides the greatest ROI and more business than ever before.

In the detailed workshop designed for leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs, and marketers things mentioned below will be covered along with other things.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve search engine visibility
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) to show ads on search engines
  • Technical aspects of website design for maximum conversions
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) to improve brand value and recognition
  • Email marketing for retaining customers
  • Content marketing to make your content viral
  • Responsive web design and importance of mobile apps
  • Analytic tools and tactics to measure your digital marketing success
  • Providing value to the user and user-centric design
  • Improving audience reach and making a strong online presence

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