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Today, most of the organizations are encouraging HR to design various types of data or metrics or analytics which are not just related to people but also on various processes - recruitment, compensation, grievances, benefits, training & development, separation and etc.


HR Analytics is an area in the field of analytics that refers to applying analytic processes to the human resource department of an organization in the hope of improving employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment.


Model 1 The Role of Analytics in HR
  • A Brief History of the Evolution of Analytics
  • Types of Analytics
  • Why Is Analytics Important to the HR Field?
  • HR Analytics Defined
  • HR's Value Proposition
  • Application Of Business Analytics
  • Stages of HR Analytics;
  • Importance of Analytics in HR
  • What can/should be measured;
  • Critical Areas of HR Analysis
  • How does Analytics fit into HR Delivery Model
  • Three Levels of Metrics
  • CEO’s part to be played in HR Analytics
  • The process for analytics- DCOVA
Model 2 Introduction to HRMS/HRIS
  • HRMS/HRIS & data resources
  • Application of HRIS
  • Need for HRIS
  • HR Data and Accessibility
  • HR Management Approaches
  • HR Analytics Strategy Mapping
Analytics Tools and Techniques for HR Professionals
  • Excel Quantitative Techniques
  • Excel Visualization
  • Excel Analytic Techniques
  • HR Analytics Tools:
  • 1.Advantages & Limitations of some tools;
  • 2.Brush up on MS Excel
  • 3.Tools to be discussed using Ms Excel – Used in Reporting
Module-3 & 4 HR Analytics- Hands on Training
  • Metrics to Analytics
  • Understanding Employee Life Cycle
  • Areas of recruitment
  • Analytics: Staffing Effectiveness
  • Performance management
  • Payroll Matrix and Dashboard
  • Compensation management
  • Analytics: Workforce-Tenure
  • Analytics: Workforce-Demographic
  • Competency building
  • Employee motivation / satisfaction
  • Analysis: Establishing Validity and Markov Analysis
  • Employee attrition/ separation.
  • Social Media Practice
  • HR dashboard and Key Performance Indicator
  • H.R aspect of the balanced score card
  • Aligning Balanced Score Card to HR Functions
  • Linking HR Scorecard and HR Analytics
  • Attrition Models & Retention Strategies
Predictive Analytics
  • Statistics in HR Analytics
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Normal Probability Distribution
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Simple Regression Model
  • Covariance and Correlation
  • Dummy variables
  • Estimated Regression Equation
  • Linear Regression
Case studies
  • Module 1- ConAgra Case Study
  • Module 2- Creating Dashboard- Cisco HR Manager
  • Module 3 and 4- HR Survey to check Employee Satisfaction

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LinkedIn , Groupon Models et al.


  • Respond to business in advance through predictive analytics for Human Resources
  • Improve organizational performance through high quality talent related decisions
  • Optimize talent supply chain & Increase ROI on Talent
  • Serving as a source of competitive advantage for organizations
  • Successful Execution of business strategy


I am greatly impressed by the quality of your training. In fact it is the reason I am going to take the exam this time as I had previously decided not to take it because the quality of the training I had purchased was not what I had expected. I am now on my 3rd module and moving along at a good pace. I look forward to joining the seminars. All the best to you and everyone at Edupristine.

EduPristine offers great content! As a word of advice, extra practice time would be beneficial to give a good overall perspective to beginners.

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