Excel Shortcuts for Sheet Navigation

To maintain an Excel spreadsheet that has about 50 tabs can be a real pain if you are too lazy to click on individual sheet every now and then. Here’s a small trick for everyone who are finding it time-consuming to work on lot of sheets in their Excel workbook. Though you know the ‘mouse method’ to go about it, navigating among your workbooks with the ‘'keyboard method' is all that you should know if you want to keep a time-saving approach for your work.

For example, if you have to switch a lot between assumptions sheet, profit and loss, balance sheet and ratio sheet. Won’t it come across as irritating to use your mouse every time to go through the sheets? The answer will be a obvious YES!

In case, you have lots of sheets, and you are required to move between them on opposite ends of the scroll tabs, then do not think twice before memorizing our quick step.

Excel Shortcuts For Sheet Navigation

How to navigate without the mouse?

It’s simple! Just press Ctrl + (Page Up / Page Down) for navigating forward and backward, and you are ready to fly through your sheets. Now navigating, picking values and making changes is a lot easier and faster than ever before.

Now you have an answer to help yourselves multi-task more often. Knowing this slick keyboard shortcut will make the difference in your work. This shortcut is indeed something that every Excel user should know to minimize repeated scrolling or typing.

Now that you have learnt the excel shortcut for Sheet Navigation, now know Excel Shortcuts For Selecting And Deleting Columns and Excel Shortcuts For Selecting And Deleting Rows

Excel Shortcuts For Selecting And Deleting Columns
Excel Shortcuts For Selecting And Deleting Rows

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