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In recent years quantitative finance has become a very famous field. All of the big investment houses are showing keen interest into it as they vision to leverage their efforts and further improve their trading record.


Quantitative finance is the discipline of using mathematical models in order to help make investment decisions.” In a lot of ways the field is related to economics but the work is done from more of an applied perspective.

This course aims at putting numerical methods into action for the purpose of solving concrete problems arising in Quantitative Finance.


The student will be able to understand the know-how of Quantitative Finance and develop financial models in accordance with it.

Sample Preview of our material

Unexplained Variation && Correlation & Regression (PDF)



Equitytraders, portfolio managers, marketers, risk managers, analysts, and associates working in mid-office with the quantitative modeling skills


The course develops a comprehensive toolkits including:

Advance application of distributions in the quantitative financial modelling.
Understand the valuation of advanced financial products: Options and Fixed Income Instruments.
In depth coverage of statistical models in Finance.
Understand the basics of quantitative analysis needed for financial markets and risk management
Understand the nuances of modeling in risk management.
Real life case studies and analysis of major events and risks in the markets


There are no such pre requirements for the course but basic knowledge about Excel should help


Module Name Topic
Application of Frequency and Severity Distributions in Quant Modeling Why do we value companies?
Value Drivers and Cash Flow Modeling
The Key Building Blocks of Valuation
Application of Frequency and Severity Distributions in Quant Modeling Model Selection Criterion
Parameter Estimation Techniques
Valuation of Financial Products (Options) Understanding Financial Products
Learning different algorithms of valuing
Financial Products
Modeling Interest Rates and Fixed Income Products Fixed Income Products and Analysis
Deriving Spot Rates and Forward Rates
Understanding the Spreads, and Shifts in Yield Curvature
Measuring Risk in Bonds: Factor Sensitivities
Valuation Process of Bonds with Options
Advanced Regression Analysis Foundations and Simple Linear Regression Multiple Linear Regression Building Multivariate Linear Regression Model
Modeling Volatilities using Time Series Data Learning about different types of Volatility
Estimating Volatility using Time Series Data


Video Tutorials

Easy to follow byte sized video tutorials of over 100+ video tutorials created by topic experts. Learn the concepts at your own pace.

Excel Workbooks

Create Financial models following a step-by-step approach devised by professionals. These workbooks have been specially designed to ensure you incorporate best industry practices of financial modeling.

Study Notes

Download the study notes to supplement video tutorials.

Certificate of Excellence

A reference to get ahead in your career. At the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation. You can also earn the Certificate of Excellence upon completing our course assignment (Please get in touch with our sales representative for more details).

Study Plans
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EduPristine really cares about its customers and made sure that I was satisfied with the service. The training was informative and professional yet comfortable and fun. With a little improvement on the communication, I believe EduPristine will be one of the best financial training service providers.

Edupristine provides a timely and effective training for emerging finance professionals in investment analysis and business analysis. The course is enriching and relevant for career growth and development for any finance professional.


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