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About CFA Institute

Details About The CFA Institute- History, Functions And Programs Offered

There are various institutes that provide finance related programs in different parts of the world. CFA Institute is one of the most popular ones, which was established in the year of 1947. The institute is an international organization of investment experts. It provides the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) designation, the CIPM (Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement) designation, and also the Claritas Investment Official Document. It is a nonprofit type of organization. It offers continuing webcasts, seminars, publications and conferences to permit members and other contributors to keep up to date with the developments or improvements in the financial industry.

The major offices of the CFA Institute are situated in different parts of the world, such as, Hong Kong, London, New York City and Charlottesville, Virginia (United States of America). It also supervises the Research Foundation and the Research Challenge for college students.


The main goal of the CFA Institute is to serve all the investment professionals, who are looking for knowledge, education, connection, motivation or professional development. It also aims to lead all the finance career’s thinking in different regions of capital market integrity, ethics and excellence of practice.


Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Boston, the four financial analyst communities, united forces to promote the barter of ideas and to support the well being of the financial analyst’s career as their purpose, in the year of 1947. A cadre of them made the CFA designation and launched a code of conduct. The career was honored in the year of 1936, when 284 applicants took participation in the initial CFA examination and 268 CFA charters were honored.

The conversation that started in the 1940s in the North America resulted in above than 120000 CFA charters honoured since the beginning of the CFA program. The institute has above than 137 member communities in 60 nations and also 110000 members in 140 nations and territories.


Almost all persons require education in finance related subjects like economics, but colleges treat such types of education in the form of an afterthought. Moreover, as definite advantage agendas are going to disappear, persons are required guidance and support in an atmosphere that necessitates them to make critical asset allotment decisions. When it comes to this kind of education, the CFA Institute plays an important role in the form of long term supporter of investors. The institute offers an education to a cadre of finance experts, who fulfill a high standard of moral consciousness.

The CFA Institute performs a wide range of functions in terms of membership, public relations, administration and governance, event coordination, education, advocacy, social impact, global board, inter society relations (international), GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards), and Inter society relations (domestic) and many others.

Programs offered

The CFA Institute provides a huge variety of programs for those, who are looking to get educated in finance fields. The major programs are: the CFA Program, the CIPM Program and the Claritas Program. The institute also helps people in selecting the perfect and the right program, according to his or her needs and goals. Detailed description about programs is given below:

  • CFA Program: The CFA credential has turned into the most recognized and respected finance designation all over the world. By getting registered in this program offered by the CFA Institute is the first step of a person to take towards his or her qualification. It covers skills and concepts a person will make use of at all stages of his or her profession, current industry practice, bridging academic theory and professional and ethical norms to offer a strong base of highly developed finance analysis and actual world portfolio supervision skills.

  • CIPM Program: It covers all the skills related to globally and highly develop relevant, practice based performance and also risk assessment. This designation will set a person apart as an intensely expertise and knowledgeable finance performance expert committed to the best interests of his or her clients and also the success of his or her company.

  • Claritas Program: This investment program covers the requirements of ethics, investment, and roles of finance that provides a clear realization of the international investment market. This is a sort of a self study program. One can take advantage of this program while working in an investment related services association that may range from customer services to compliance, and also from human resources to Information Technology as well as from marketing and sales to legal services.

Membership of the CFA Institute

In order to gain all the possible features and benefits of all the programs offered by the CFA Institute, it is important to get registered with the institute. One can get registered with an international society of finance experts, who are motivated to high educational and ethical standards and effective industries. There are various benefits; one can get from the membership with this institute. Some benefits are mentioned below:

  • One can get linked to an international network of above than 110000 finance experts, who are renowned for their integrity and expertise.

  • One can also get discounted offers as a member, at the events held by the CFA Institute in different parts of the world.

  • A person can also have a chance to access to extraordinary education resources, financial publications and specialized career services or facilities. To know more about the benefits and features offered by the CFA Institute in the form of their programs, a person can go to the official site of the institute.

In order to enroll in the programs of this institute, it is essential to meet all the eligibility requirements. The institute provides 2 kinds of membership, that is, regular membership and affiliate membership. Both the memberships provided by the CFA Institute have different criteria’s to meet. The regular membership plan is suggested for applicants, who want to enroll in the CFA Program and is needed to honor of the CFA charter. While on the other hand, the affiliate membership plan is recommended for those experts, who do not make plans to practice the CFA charter.


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