Level 1 CFA
  • 1. CFA Program is a professional credential offered by CFA Institute to Investment and Financial professionals

    2. The CFA Program has three different Levels and the minimum time required to clear all three is around 2.5 years (although the overall average is around 4 years)

    3. CFA Program charter membership requirements include, but not limited to 48 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing the Level I, Level II, and Level III exam
  • If you are a student of finance, or an entry-level/ mid-level professional in Capital Markets, Fund Management, Mutual Fund looking for a stellar career in the world of finance, CFA Program can help you leverage the best jobs in the industry.


    1. For CFA® charter: Four years of qualified, professional work experience, in addition to passing all three levels.

    2. For Level I CFA Program: Minimum requirement is for a student in final year of graduation
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  • Level I CFA® Program
      Gold Platinum Classroom
      5000 10000 25000
    22 days - 110 hrs Classroom Trainings      
    5 Days - 40 hrs Crash Course (Classroom)      
    22 days - 110 hrs Online Live Trainings      
    Recordings(all 22 classes)    
    Summarized Recordings  
    1 Full Mock exam (6 hrs-Classroom)  
    6 Mock exams (3 hrs Online)  
    Question Banks ( 2500+ questions)  
    Hardcopy Summarized Study Materials  
    Hardcopy Mind Maps (Formula Charts)  
    24 * 7 Access to material  
    Discussion Forum  
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  • Q. I'm interested in taking the CFA exam. Are there any pre-requisites?

    Ans. The only pre-requisite is to have a degree. For further information please contact the CFA Institute http://www.cfainstitute.org/programs/cfaprogram/Pages/index.aspx

    Q. What is the exam pattern for CFA exam Level I?

    Ans. The CFA exam Level I is a six hour exam with 240 multiple choice questions.

    Q. How long does the CFA Program take to complete?

    Ans. It is possible to complete the CFA program in two years, if you start studying in August and take the first level in December, followed by the second level in June and the third level the following year. This is obviously contingent on passing each level first time. On average it takes three to four years to complete the full program.

    Q. What is the difference between a CFA Program and an MBA program?

    Ans. CFA focuses on knowledge in investment while an MBA program will cover many topics related to management studies.

    Q. What kind of job opportunities will I get as a CFA Program charterholder?

    Ans. You can be assured of improved job opportunities with Investment Banks, Private Equity firms and Wealth Advisory firms with an astounding 54% more than your peers. (*Russel Reynolds Study)

    Q. Becoming a CFA Program candidate, am I also a member of CFA Institute?

    Ans. Candidacy in the CFA Program is separate from membership in CFA Institute. You have to submit an application for membership.