Attention Digital Marketeers !

Hi there,

​I'm Alice, the Expert Counselor at EduPristine. I want to invite you to our, upcoming Digital Marketing Batch starting 13 february.

​ You are using digital marketing ​for your business.

But are you using it right?
  • Do you use Google Analytics to get deeper customer insights?
  • Are you optimizing your Google Ads to spend less and get more conversions?
  • How much do you really know about your Website Visitors?
  • Isn't it a bit unfair to send the same mail to all the prospects when you should be sending ​targeted Emails​ ?
  • Is Social Media strategy important for your business?
Well if these are your concerns then you would definitely like to have a chat with me, I'll tell you, how you can improve on these problem areas?

O ​r,​ ask me anything about the upcoming Digital Marketing Course (that's starting on 1​3​ Feb ​'1​5​​ , Sunday).

Best Regards,
Alice Bradley

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EduPristine is transforming the way marketeers look at online marketing. We're busy putting the 'digital marketing' back into 'the digital marketing that gives awesome results' and right now, we are offering a "Free Google Exam Preparatory Module" with this course, until ​13 February.

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