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EduPristine & BSE Brings Financial Modeling Joint Certificate Program

About Financial Modeling

  • The task of building a model (usually a spreadsheet) depicting financial statements/ business model, which can help you in decision making
  • For Example, if you are looking to invest in a blockbuster IPO of latest internet company (Lets say Zynga), how do you analyze. Look at the complete financial model here
  • It could also be used to represent the performance of a business, a project, or any other investment
  • Useful tools that allow business options and risks to be evaluated in a cost-effective manner against a range of assumptions
  • Helps in identifying optimal solutions and evaluating financial returns
  • It could mean different things to different users Either accounting, corporate finance, quantitative finance applications!

Financial Modeling Benefits

  • Financial Models help in decision making and business modeling for firms and check the viability of projects. You can learn techniques to value and analyze Firms, IPOs and FPOs. Investments in nascent stages can be valued with accuracy for eg. Private Equity/ Venture Capital Investing.
  • It is a prerequisite for Investment Banking, Equity Research and Commercial Banking jobs as project appraisal and risk evaluation using different scenarios can be calculated. A comprehensive analysis of complex transaction like Mergers and Acquisition Deals can also be done.
  • Commercial Banks use Financial Modeling for disbursing loans for the projects; Project Management uses it for performance tracking of on-going projects.

Target Audience

  • Most suitable for people in investment banking, Equity research, Business planning & strategy, Private management, or commercial banking
  • Also a good plus for people pursuing CA, CFA Program , FRM, MBA Finance
  • Ideal for candidates with Degree, Diploma, B .TECH in engineering and Commerce who want a career in finance


  • Basics of Finance and accounting
  • Corporate Valuation Methodologies
  • Usage of Excel


  • You get the statements from filings (Annual report, S1, DRHP, etc.)
  • You have the historical financial statements (P&L, B/S, etc.)
  • You Project the statements in future
  • Analyze the business (valuation/ Ratios)
  • If you want to learn it step by step (For FREE!), join our 30 day modeling tutorial for Facebook
  • If you want a more structured and fast paced approach, join our training

Course Structure

  • Module I:Valuation Modeling
    • Understanding Integrated Financial Models
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Excel Efficiency Shortcuts and formulae
    • Cash and Interest Revolver
    • Building Historical Financial Statements
    • Ratio Analysis
    • Projecting Financial Statements
    • Valuation DCF and Comps
  • Module I:Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Analysis
  • Module I:Project Finance Modeling
    • Understanding Date functions
    • Modeling Cash flow waterfall
    • Delays in Projects
    • Circular references and modeling IDC
  • Module II:Macros for Financial Modeling
    • Writing & Recording Macros
    • Working with cells and ranges in VB
    • Using Excel Form Controls for flexible GUI
    • Case study - Breaking circular loops
    • Understanding VBE
    • Case study - Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Module II:Advanced Functions for Financial
  • Module II:Advanced Charting and Dashboarding Techniques
    • Creating flexible charts
    • Creating waterfall chart
    • Creating dashboard using charts
    • Creating football field
    • Download Charts - Linkedin

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Q. Who is the target audience?

A. Most suitable for people in Investment banking, Equity research, Business planning & strategy, Private equity, Project management, or commercial banking. Also a good plus for people pursuing CA, CFA Program, FRM, MBA Finance. Ideal for candidates with Degree, Diploma, B .TECH in engineering and Commerce who want a career in finance.

Q.What are the prerequisites of this course?

A. The candidate should know the Basics of Finance and the usage of Excel. Corporate Valuation Methodologies is also one of the topics that the candidate will definitely benefit from in this course.

Q.Where can I get doubt clarifications?

A.We have an active forum, where you can raise your doubts and we would be happy to share our knowledge.

Why Financial Modeling?

  • Is a key element in most major business decisions Must to have skill for career progression!
  • Prepared whenever any organisation is considering any major financial decision Raising Capital, Project Finance, Bidding for a project, Evaluating Acquisition Target, Cash Flow planning, Capital structuring, etc. varied job profiles
  • Good Career Prospects Picked up from leading job portal

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Saloni Sharma
EOL-E&P, Mumbai

We sincerely appreciate the flexibility of teaching and customized guidance that the institute provided each of us. It has given new dimension to our personality. We were able to strengthen our positive qualities and do away with the negative ones. The intensity and rigour of the programme prepares one for high pressure situations, complex problem solving and work-life balancing that one can use in approaching to all challenges in your working life. We are very grateful for the very valuable training and assistance provided to us by EDUPRISTINE.
Ujjwal Khairnar
PMO Lead at Capita ITS

EduPrisitine's faculty is awesome. The classroom sessions from industry practioners gave a deep understanding of the topics. As a PMO Lead, I expected more on project finance with advanced excel tricks but I got a lot great stuff to learn apart from it. I thanks Pristine faculty for this. Looking forward for continual relation with Pristine

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