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Recently our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the "Skill India Mission" and stated that India is the emerging human resources capital of the world. The last year saw 3,10,000 human resources job postings only for the Human Resource sector. You probably as an HR have excellent soft people skills along with an MBA or post-graduate degree to boast your resume, however, if you ask me, what makes a complete package for an HR would be the "ANALYTICAL SKILLS". I back my statement with a survey that was done by TIMESJOBS that estimate that 65% Indian companies wish to embrace analytics in the next one year: Source.

HRs have been evolved as the caretakers to the 'strategic partners' of a company. Employers want their HRs to project models, be proficient in Excel, and support key-decisions of the company with their data-driven analytical skills.

Why Human Resource Analytical Skill is MUST for HRs?

Why the attrition rate is high? What is the impact of learning programs on company results? How long does it take for new employees to be productive? How to prevent high employees turnover rate? How to predict the right people to hire for a specific role? Human Resource analytics is nothing but to go over and above the gut feel and take decisions for the company based on hard-core data of the company.

Simply put, it is figuring out the what, when, why, how and where of HR functions like recruitment, training, retention, performance measure and engagement. HRs with analytical skills are indeed in demand as they are solution-givers of the company.

Job Opportunities after Human Resource Analytics Course

HR Analytics Specialist, Dir HR Metrics/Analytics, Manager- HR Systems, Analytics, and Process Improvement, Sr. Consultant, HR Analytics, Director of Global HR Reporting and Analytics, Manager-Compensation & Workforce Analytics, Business Analyst HR Analytics. Check out salary at Payscale here.

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