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The Step 2CS is a full day assessment exam of clinical skills and interpersonal communication with patients. The exam uses standardized patients who are people trained to portray real patients with a clinical problem. The examination assesses your ability in gathering relevant information from the patient, performing physical examination, and communicating your findings to the patient and faculty.


  • One-day exam given in the US which involves - 12 Standardised patient encounters
  • This is a Pass/Fail exam.
  • Step 2 CS scores are reported four-to five-week "Reporting Period"
  • The three areas that examinees are graded on are the Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE), Communication and Interpersonal Skills (CIS) and Spoken English Proficiency (SEP).
  • Each patient encounter will last for 25 minutes and as per the latest update on the 2CS exam, for students taking the exam on or before July 16th 2017, the patient note will automatically get submitted after 25 minutes and they no longer have to use the ‘submit’ button on the patient note.
  • As per the latest change, beginning May 21st 2017, the Step 2CS examinees may see a maximum of one case in the exam wherein they have to assist the patient in making a decision with a disease or problem management. This encounter will not include physical examination and the data interpretation section of the patient note does not have to be completed.

Step 2 CS Exam CENTRES

The Step 2 CS exam can be taken only in the US at the following 5 locations

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Houston, Texas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Step 2 CS Assessment and Guide MD

Becker’s USMLE® Step 2 CS Assessment is offered in Chicago, IL at the Chicago Medical Training Center (CMTC) Clinical Skills Center.

Becker’s USMLE® Step 2 CS Assessment is written by Becker’s clinical faculty and the Chicago Medical Training Center (CMTC) to offer you up-to-date exam-like cases. These cases feature patients of varying ages, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. Students will also experience a telephone encounter or diagnostic imagery just like on the real USMLE® Step 2 CS examination. You will even be rated on the same criteria as the exam including your integrated clinical encounter (ICE), communication and interpersonal skills (CIS), and spoken English proficiency (SEP).

Dr. Charles Faselis is the Chief of Staff at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and Professor of Medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine. He is the new Director of Clinical Skills and Training for Becker, and has been instrumental in the Step 2 CS enhancement.

STEP 2 CS COURSE FEATURES – Location – CMTC, Chicago

Course Fees 950$
Orientation to the Step 2 CS Examination and Becker’s Step 2 CS Assessment with a Standardized Patient Manager
Six clinical cases - will include complete patient history and possible physical exam with professional standardized patients. This will follow with you offering the patient your initial impressions, possible diagnoses, and next steps in their plan of care.
Standardized Patient Manager Interaction - communication and interpersonal skills feedback sessions, debriefing session with the Standardized Patient Manager and fellow examinees to discuss your experience and impressions of your patients.
Performance Feedback Report - Includes details of students' rating of standardized patients and feedback from Becker clinical faculty on your patient notes.
Audio-visual summary review
3-month subscription to Becker’s USMLE® Step 2 CS Guide MD which includes
  • 9 video clinical encounters with evaluation sessions from the Standardized Patient and the examinee.
  • Opportunities to draft patient note for each case.
  • Compare the patient note to a patient note provided by Becker faculty.
  • 8 audio-visual workshop modules focusing on history-taking, physical exam techniques, and communications skills.

Clinical Rotations

Becker has partnered with CMTC in Chicago to offer hands-on clinical rotations for medical students and graduates. The rotations are offered in ACGME accredited hospitals Students will be provided with malpractice insurance by CMTC with the fee listed below.

Course Features:

  • Clinical rotations will include the "letters of recommendation".
  • The rotations are primarily "in-patient" rotations.
  • All the physicians are ACGME affiliated and governed clinical rotations.
  • The application processing time is 3 months which will include visa assistance.
Clinical Rotations through
Becker in Chicago area hospitals
Course Fees Malpractice Insurance fees
4-weeks ($625/week) $2500 per month Buy USD 250
8-weeks ($600/week) $4800 for 2 months Buy USD 350
12-weeks ($675/week $6900 for 3 months Buy USD 400

US Medical Residency Application Service
Course Fees 55000
Shortlisting upto 75 programs
Editing Personal statement, LOR and CV
Guidance with the ERAS Application
Residency mock interviews
Assistance with Rank Order lists

Important Note:

  1. Registration Deadline 30th June 2017, for those who are targeting residency in 2018 match, as the application starts on Sep 15th 2017.
  2. Please keep your Step 1 and Step 2CK scores ready, latest by 30th July to apply in September’ 2017.
  3. testimonials

    I am writing this just an hour after writing the actual step 1 exam, so I believe that makes me a better judge of the quality of this product. I have tried most of the available qbank products around, and Becker was the last one that I had tried before my exam. I was pleasantly surprised with the close resemblance of the question stems to the Becker qbank format. By that yardstick alone, Becker qbank is the one that a step 1 examinee should be solving in the days leading up to their actual exam. The questions are designed to not be a mere repetitive exercise of the other existing qbanks around. The questions are designed to fill in the lacunae left after one has almost exhausted their preparation — I found so many questions that ended up either correcting my previous understanding of a concept, or filling in the voids that had crept in my preparation, unknown to me. The prompt feedback replies to the queries from their faculty is noteworthy.

    When I was looking for test prep options for the USMLE, I wanted something that could help "connect the dots" between the different subjects I learned in school. After a few webinars, I signed up for Becker's Integrated Cases with Dr. Raymon, intending to use it near the end of my test prep period to tie concepts together. Integrated Cases, fit my learning style perfectly by combining interactive questions and whiteboard-style lectures, and building "cases" that often showed the overlap of concepts between different disciplines. The deeper understanding of core concepts definitely helped my final test score. Elijah Lackey, USA, Ross University School of Medicine I used Becker's question bank and eCoach to study for Step 1 and was impressed by the quality of the instructors and the material they've put together. I ended up getting over 250 on Step 1 and I know Becker helped make that possible. Thanks!

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