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CPA Vs MBA – The right choice

About CPA

CPA and MBA both are good credentials in their own right and there are majority of professionals and students who gets confused when it comes to choose either one of them. The decision to pursue your career in MBA or CPA can be quite confusing and difficult and often commerce students get into heated debates of CPA vs MBA. People seeking advice will get different opinions and leave them more confused. However, the right thing is to listen to yourself and decide according to your gut. To assist candidates in evaluating pros and cons here are three things that you can ask yourself and come to a right decision.

CPA vs MBA: What positions you desire in the future?

If you want to go for management or consulting, then MBA is best for you. Other career paths include investment bankers, securities analyst, and venture capitalist to name a few, (you might want to consider a CFA vs MBA debate). On the other hand, those who are interested in reviewing and auditing financial statements should choose CPA. Other career paths include CFO, controller, taxes, financial analyst etc. CPAs are increasingly chosen for the posts of CFO and Financial Controllers. That’s a major win for CPA in CPA vs MBA battle.

However, looking at one of the important aspect, today’s world demands skills beyond the financial expertise. Businesses accelerating in the worldwide marketplace, professionals will also need expertise outside accounting as well, for instance economics and Government regulations. Some of these are also in MBA but almost all are part of CPA.

CPA vs MBA: Topics of your interest

This is one of the most important things that will help you pick a side in the CPA vs MBA battle. An MBA degree is a graduate level degree and candidates get training in the practice and theory of business management. MBA candidates learn economics, organizational, marketing, quantitative analysis and behaviors. MBA students can broaden their horizons beyond financial studies.

On the other hand, CPA gives you just as much knowledge about finance as an MBA does, with a touch of Audit and Regulation if you like adventures at work place then CPA is ideal for you. Subjects include accounting, financial accounting, auditing, accounting information, estate planning, personal financial planning and income tax.

For candidates the good news is that the majority of the states require one fifty hour’s college credit to take the CPA exam, so those who are pursuing their MBA degrees can also prepare for the CPA exam. You can choose an MBA degree and study for the CPA and assure another educational asset.

CPA vs MBA: What are your goals?

The majority of the people believe that MBA graduates usually command high salary packages. With CPA, there is no need to put efforts to ask for a good salary package. Best accountants will quickly get what they deserve and the fundamental qualification for the job remains the same. But if you are an MBA in a corporate department for accounting then there are no opportunities for you to grow.

Whatever your career goals are, the most important thing to remember is that things are valuable when they are scarce. Streets of almost every country are now flooded with MBAs but it still is difficult to come across a CPA even for corporations. These three CPA VS MBA comparisons can help you in choosing your career. You can think of all the aspects and can come up with something that makes sense for you and your goals to achieve the success.

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