This certification is designed to support accounting functions such as budgeting, preparing financial statements and creating balance sheet. It will performing many complex mathematical calculations with basic spreadsheet functionality.

About Certification

In this course you will learn about

  • Data Mining using PIVOT Tables
  • Converting Data into Tabular format,
  • Web Data using Macro, sharing functions,
  • recording Macro efficiency.
  • VBA Charts


This certification will help professionals to…

  • Essential for accounting professionals to prepare various schedules
  • Preparing accounts payable, sorting data, account reconciliation, account receivables, annual reports, cash flow statement, balance sheet preparation.
  • Increase your knowledge and skills in accounting relating task.
  • Provide many advanced formulas, functions and shortcuts of Excel

Target Audience

Accounts Manager

Bachelors of Accountancy(BAcy)

Financial Analyst

Sr. Tax Associate


4+ Hrs Video Recording

Excel Workbooks


Study Notes

Companies that hire Certified Candidate


Working With Data: Importing and Cleaning Data

Advance Excel and VBA

Course Curriculum

  • Data Mining using Pivot Tables II
  • Converting Data into Tabular format
  • Conditional Formatting Including Harvy Balls
  • Identifying and removing duplicates
  • Introduction VBA
  • VBA Functions
  • VBA Coding & Charts
  • Breaking Circular Reference using Macro
  • Importing Web Data using Macro
  • User Defined Function using Macro
  • Sharing Function