This certification is designed to support the charting techniques. We will discuss about many financial charting techniques like waterfall chart, football and mekko chart, Dupont, primary, secondary and radar charts, arranging Scroll bars, integrated valuation model, revenue recognition, and incell charts Dashboard etc.

About Certification

In this course you will learn Primary, Secondary axis and Radar charts, Waterfall chart, Football and Mekko Chart, Charting Football Field and Revenue recognition, Waterfall chart and Arranging Scroll bars, DuPont and Incell charts Dashboard, Integrated Valuation Model MCS


This certification will help professionals to….

  • Buy and sell the stocks & analyze the company ability to increase its return on equity.
  • Learn about revenue recognition, charting techniques

Target Audience

Accounts Manager

Business Analyst

Bachelors of Accountancy

Financial Analyst

Project Manager


3+ Hrs Video Recording


Study Notes

Question Bank

In this certification you possibly determine how the project will be run and who will work on what task with clear view of what is expected and when.

Companies that hire Certified Candidate


Charting Techniques

Charting in Excel

Course Curriculum

  • Primary and Secondary Axis
  • Radar Charts
  • Water Fall Chart Details
  • Football Field
  • Mekko Chart
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Dupont Analysis
  • Arranging Scroll Bars
  • Integrated Valuation Model MCS