This certification is designed to introduce about equity research, management of funds techniques, corporate finance and strategy consulting. It will provide forecasting and prediction and performance evaluation. Introduces a framework for business analysis and valuation . This is useful for valuing the firm’s shares.

About Certification

In this course you will learn Value creation Introduction and pillars , DDM, Multi period DDM and Gordon growth model , Strengths & Weakness of DDM , Two stage DDM , Two and three stage model valuation using spreadsheet , Calculating Sustainable Growth Rate , Understanding and calculating the Terminal Value


This certification will help professionals to…

  • Learn about business strategies, financial analysis, corporate finance, equity research, fund management techniques etc.
  • Evaluating future performance and estimating the value.
  • Identifying a firm’s strategy and understanding competitive advantage.

Target Audience

Assistant Manager

Financial Analyst

Manager Valuation

Equity Research Analyst


3+ Hrs Video Recording

Question Bank

Excels Workbook

Study Notes

In this certification you possibly determine how the project will be run and who will work on what task with clear view of what is expected and when.

Companies that hire Certified Candidate


Absolute Valuation Methods

Dividend Discount Model

Growth and Terminal Value

Course Curriculum

  • Why value creation is important?
  • Pillars of value creation
  • Dividend Discount Model
  • Dividend Discount Model in action
  • Gordon Growth Model (GGM)
  • Strengths And Limitations Of The Gordon Growth Model (GGM)
  • Multi –Stage DDM Models
  • Forecasting Dividends Using Spread Sheet Modeling
  • Two stage DDM
  • Sustainable Growth Rate
  • Terminal Value
  • Calculating Terminal Value