This certification is designed to support credit crisis and to grant credits to clients. This course gives information about risky securities and give information about wrong way risk, and counterparty spread risk. You will able to understand data errors, operational data governance, and effects of poor data. This course offers you an introduction to credit risk, credit exposure and credit derivatives.

About Certification

In this course you will learn
Risk management, ERM and Credit crisis Arbitrage pricing and Risk takers Effects of poor data, Data errors, and Operational data governance Applying CAPM to performance management and Risk Appetite Case study: Financial Disaster Credit Decision and Default risk Credit risk and Credit derivatives Counterparty Spread risk and Default models Collateral and Credit exposure Wrong way risk, Credit scoring and the credit transfer Securitization and subprime Mortgage


This certification will help professionals to

  • Transfer credit, credit scoring and taking decisions on credit risk.
  • Beneficiary for asset pricing, that holds the expected returns.
  • Learn about pricing of risky securities, which will give you information about expected return.


Students should have hands-on experience with Excel and a brief idea about Finance, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow Models.

Target Audience

Financial Analyst

Process Manager

Manager- Credit Risk

Credit Risk Modeler


Video- 20 Hrs Recording

Question Bank

Study Notes

In this certification you possibly determine how the project will be run and who will work on what task with clear view of what is expected and when.

Companies that hire Certified Candidate


Credit Risk Measurement and Management

Risk Management

Course Curriculum

  • Credit Decisions, Default Risk & Credit Analyst
  • Default Risk Quantitative Methodologies
  • Credit risk and Credit derivatives
  • Counterparty risk and Default models
  • Collateral and Credit exposure
  • Wrong way risk, Credit scoring and the credit transfer
  • Understanding the Securitization of Subprime Mortgage Credit
  • Risk Management-A Helicopter View
  • Corporate Risk Management-A Primer
  • The Credit crisis of 2007
  • Arbitrage Pricing
  • Effects of poor data on Business
  • Common Issues Resulting in Data Errors
  • Understanding and Communicating Risk Appetite