This certification is designed to support accounting functions such as budgeting, preparing financial statements and creating balance sheet. Financial ratios are form a basis of comparison on financial statement. Ratio Analysis formulas are very useful for business owner’s that they will compare their performance and conditions with similar industry. This course comes with many functions for performing complex mathematical calculations with basic spreadsheet functionality.

About Certification

In this certification you will learn about Basics of Ratios, activity of ratio, Dupont Analysis, Liquidity Ratio, Market Ratio, Profitability Ratio, Solvency Ratio.


This certification will help professionals to

  • Standardized method to compare companies and industries.
  • It will help in planning and performance of entrepreneurs to create business plans and prepare presentation for investors.
  • Calculate financial ratio to measure companies operational efficiency, stability profitability and liquidity.
  • Gain profitable advantages in the stock market by using popular and important technique of financial ratio analysis.

Target Audience

Equity Analysts

Investment Bankers

Financial analysts

Financial institution

Financial Executive



1.5 Hrs Video Recording

Excel Workbooks

Study Notes


In this certification you possibly determine how the project will be run and who will work on what task with clear view of what is expected and when.

Companies that hire Certified Candidate


Ratio Analysis

Course Curriculum

  • Ratio Analysis
  • Advantages of Ratio Analysis
  • Limitations of Ratio Analysis
  • Classification of Ratios
  • Asset turnover Ratio-Apple
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio- Apple
  • Activity Ratio- Industry comparison
  • Du Pont Analysis
  • Du Pont Analysis-Apple
  • Liquidity Ratio
  • Liquidity Ratio-Apple
  • Liquidity Ratio-Industry Comparison
  • Market Ratio
  • Basic EPS Calculation
  • Income Statement – Below the Line item for Apple
  • EPS-Industry Comparison
  • Profitability Ratio
  • Profitability Ratio-Apple
  • Profitability Ratio-Industry Comparison
  • Solvency Ratio
  • Debt to Equity Ratio and Leverage Ratio-Apple
  • Debt to Equity Ratio-Industry Comparison
  • Past Fund Failures
  • Elements of Due Diligence
  • Manager Evaluation
  • Risk Management Evaluation
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Business Model Risk
  • Fraud Risk