This certification is designed to support the International Trade & Foreign Exchange. This is helpful in economic development of country. Foreign investment, unemployment, increase in investment and market expansion is part of foreign trade. In this certification you can learn how currency affects international trade and also buying and selling of currencies.

About Certification

In this course you will learn International Trade and Capital Flows,Currency rates,Monetary and Fiscal policy


This certification will help you to identifying the International Trade and capital flows of the company. This certification will help you to buying and selling and exchanging currencies which is useful for international trading. You will learn about how currency rates affects international trade.

Target Audience


Credit Rating Analyst

Associate Analyst

Deputy Manager

Trade & Forex Relationship Officer

Finance Controller


3+ Hrs Video Recording

Mind Maps

Study Notes

In this certification you possibly determine how the project will be run and who will work on what task with clear view of what is expected and when.

Companies that hire Certified Candidate


Currency Rates

International Trade and Capital Flows

Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Course Curriculum

  • International trade
  • Importance of international trade
  • Risks of international trade
  • Barriers to trade
  • Effects of International trade
  • Benefits of capital flows
  • Key determinants of capital flows
  • BOP categories
  • Foreign exchange rate
  • Appreciation/Depreciation
  • Forex exposures
  • Types of exchange rates
  • Macro-economic policies
  • Factors considered for the monetary policy
  • Types of monetary policies
  • How to implement monetary policy?
  • Effect of changes in interest rates
  • Macro-economic policies
  • Types of fiscal policies
  • Types & Effects of Inflation