This certification is designed to support power project costing in power sector. It will helpful to provide financial services to power sector like project loan documentation, return on equity, levelized tariff etc. It will give you good understanding of finance techniques for power generation technologies. This course containing some practical parts and cover independent power projects, energy sector and renewable energy projects. A project finance is used in mining, transportation, and broadcasting etc.

About Certification

In this course you will learn about

  • Power project costing in power sector, Interest on long term loan
  • Return on equity
  • PAF and saleable energy of Industry
  • Levelized Tariff, O & M and Interest on WL loan


This certification will help professionals to…

  • Gain an introduction to project finance, and understand project finance models
  • Learn about technical methods of project finance, oil & gas and renewable energy project finance

Target Audience

Accounts Manager

Business Analyst

Bachelors of Accountancy(BAcy)

Financial Analyst

Deputy maintenance manager

Investment Officer


1+ Hrs Video Recording


Study Notes

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Power Project Costing

Power Project Modelling

Course Curriculum

  • Depreciation
  • Interest on Long term loan
  • Return on Equity
  • Levellized Tariff
  • O and M and Interest on WC Loan
  • PAF and Saleable Energy
  • Primary Fuel
  • Secondary Fuel