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I've used Becker as my primary resource for medical school and Step 1 prep since I discovered it in my second semester. I've used Kaplan, Pathoma, First Aid, Firecracker, BSRI, class lecture slides, YouTube videos, the list goes on. And while all these resources serve their purpose, Becker has unequivocally been my favorite and most useful resource. Their material is the best because their faculty are the best. Each subject is delivered in a beautifully clear, digestible, no-nonsense format that gives me an understanding of the principles I need to solve problems logically rather than just memorize facts. The professors give me the tools I need and then show me how to use them effectively in clinically relevant situations which is the whole goal of medical education. The Becker question bank is also very unique. It fills the strategic niche of "icing on the cake" for your Step 1. I've done the First Aid, Kaplan, UWorld, and Becker question banks. Of those the Becker bank is the most challenging because it's supposed to be. Everyone is going to (or at least ought to) do UWorld before their Step. That's just a fact. It's the gold standard for a reason. Becker is the bank you want to do after you've done UWorld because the Becker bank will diagnose weaknesses that UWorld may not reveal. The Becker bank forces a higher level of critical thought and clinical reasoning. You WILL NOT be able to tackle the Becker bank with "buzz words" or raw memorization like you can with First Aid and much of UWorld. Becker forces you to understand the processes involved in solving clinical problems. To put it another way, First Aid and UWorld will help you tackle the diagnosis in the vignette while Becker will help you answer the actual question at the end. It's not about memorization. It's about learning and reasoning. The Becker bank will absolutely sharpen your clinical reasoning skills and truly test if you know the material. Be prepared though. It's a painful experience at first, but like Dr. Steven Daugherty says, "Take the pain now so you don't have to on exam day."
I've been waiting to write this, since last week when STEP scores were released, and now that I have the time I need to properly thank the both of you for all of your advice. My goal for the exam was to score a 250 and I ended up with a 251, and I have to say I really couldn't have done it without the help of the two of you! My initial plan was to hunker down with my First Aid book and Kaplan videos and study until my eyes bled (the bleeding part may have happened…) but my plans changed after your lectures in Dominica. I enrolled in three of Lionel Raymon's overview courses (THE BEST!), took a Becker Pathology/ Pharmacology online course (although honestly I ended up using the eCoach more…) and spent the rest of my time finishing UWorld and the Becker Qbank. I may have opened my First Aid book twice (to make sure I covered all of the topics) and relaxed my brain for the last week (per your advice) re-watching the lectures you gave to us on the island. I think it saved my score. The test was more clinical than I could have possible imagined, and I was expecting a mostly patient-based exam. I can only remember a single straight-recall question (on defining sleep hygiene) and the rest were patient cases (a majority of whom had the classical triad of hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia- taking a pharmacy of corresponding medications.) I want to say I walked out of the exam feeling as if I had crushed it, but honestly I left in tears. There were many fair questions, but equally as many where a vague kaleidoscope of symptoms left me wondering if i had made the right choice. Overall, I would say that the Becker question bank was the closest comparison to the exam itself that I encountered (out of First Aid, UWorld, and the NBME exams I had done). Thank you two so much for your wise words and stressing the fact that studying for the step 1 exam was so much more than just learning facts. It really was a test of clinical applications, and your insight helped me achieve my goals. I can't express how grateful I am to have worked with such talented educators
I am writing this just an hour after writing the actual step 1 exam, so I believe that makes me a better judge of the quality of this product. I have tried most of the available qbank products around, and Becker was the last one that I had tried before my exam. I was pleasantly surprised with the close resemblance of the question stems to the Becker qbank format. By that yardstick alone, Becker qbank is the one that a step 1 examinee should be solving in the days leading up to their actual exam. The questions are designed to not be a mere repetitive exercise of the other existing qbanks around. The questions are designed to fill in the lacunae left after one has almost exhausted their preparation — I found so many questions that ended up either correcting my previous understanding of a concept, or filling in the voids that had crept in my preparation, unknown to me. The prompt feedback replies to the queries from their faculty is noteworthy.
I had a great experience as a student in the Live online classes and was able to achieve the score I was aiming for. As a student at Ross University School of Medicine, I think both the live rapid review for comp and the live on line class for Step 1 was an adequate preparation. I was able to pass the comp on my 1st try and increase my points from the comp's comparable score to the Step 1 score by 17 points. I am pleased with the entire experience and am going to study with Becker for Step 2.
When I was looking for test prep options for the USMLE, I wanted something that could help "connect the dots" between the different subjects I learned in school. After a few webinars, I signed up for Becker's Integrated Cases with Dr. Raymon, intending to use it near the end of my test prep period to tie concepts together. Integrated Cases, fit my learning style perfectly by combining interactive questions and whiteboard-style lectures, and building "cases" that often showed the overlap of concepts between different disciplines. The deeper understanding of core concepts definitely helped my final test score. Elijah Lackey, USA, Ross University School of Medicine I used Becker's question bank and eCoach to study for Step 1 and was impressed by the quality of the instructors and the material they've put together. I ended up getting over 250 on Step 1 and I know Becker helped make that possible. Thanks!
I am very happy to have been a part of Becker. As an IMG I had no friends here and had no idea what was important for the steps. So, I decided to take my step 1 my classes in Chicago. I liked the study material and also the teaching environment. After the class was over I was finding it difficult to keep the same motivation as during the class, my advisor Dr. Joseph Begerson who not only helped me set up a good study schedule but also kept me motivated and optimistic during my all other steps. Today after getting a Pre match in Internal Medicine I feel so much satisfied that all my hard work and blessings of all well wishers paid off. It would have not been possible without Becker Education not only for the excellent study material but also for getting me in touch with an Advisor who gave me individual attention and guided me according to my needs. Thank You!
Reviewing for the USMLE Step 1 is a cumbersome task. Let alone with all the commercial packages now available on the market, it can be incredibly daunting. I wanted a program that was able to provide me with a full glimpse of exam material and interrelated topics, just as the USMLE has historically been know to be. Becker was my solution! From their concept reviews, interrelations, and dynamic instructors, I was able to heighten my medical knowledge and key in my success on my exam day without hesitation.
Becker's Live online course helped me achieve my step 1 goal. I scored 260 and much of the credit goes to the Becker study materials and the excellent faculty. I look forward to using Becker in the future for step 2 review, and I would recommend Becker to everyone preparing for step 1. Becker was extremely accommodating to my personal study schedule. I found the diverse study resources offered by Becker critical for my step 1 success. The textbooks, e-Coach, Q-bank, and integrated cases allowed the information to be presented via multiple methods which allowed complete and thorough comprehension. The faculty were knowledgeable and very accessible. During the live lectures the faculty provided valuable insights and presented excellent questions that illustrated the application of the concepts. After lectures the faculty was always accessible to answer individual questions via email. Thank you Becker for helping me get one step closer to reaching my dream.
After completing the Becker live-online course this week, as well as the entire Becker qbank (over 2,000) questions, I can honestly say that I am so much more prepared to take my USMLE Step 1 exam in the next few weeks. Like many medical school students, I tried to retain as much as possible from my first 2 years of medical school. Although I was able to maintain a high GPA throughout my program, after taking the Becker course, I realize that there was a great deal of information I did not actually understand; rather, I memorized as much as my brain would allow me. After completing the Becker resources, I feel that I am much better prepared to work with patients and critically think through multifactorial patient problems. Without a doubt, I am very grateful for all the amazing, intelligent, and student-centered professors at Becker!
I enrolled in the 7 week Dallas course prior to sitting for Step 1 and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The course provide me the necessary structure for productive and efficient studying but also filled in many of the knowledge gaps that I had in my basic science foundation. Not only did this course help me succeed on Step 1, but the knowledge I gained in those 7 weeks has proven to be invaluable in each of my clinical clerkships thus far. I would like to specifically thank Dr Mary Ruebush for her tireless effort in providing students with a textbook that not only hits on the high yield points for the board exams but also contains countless pages of clinically relevant information that I have referenced innumerable times throughout my clerkships. The commitment of the Becker education faculty to ensuring your success on the board exams and beyond is unmatched. They give you the foundation of knowledge that is necessary for success from the beginning of Step 1 preparation through the end of your residency training.
I took the 7-week Becker course in Dallas. I thought it was well-organized and the professors hit on all the high yield review topics in the Becker books along with giving us handy tips to use during our study for Step 1. It was clear to me that the professors were invested in providing the students with the instruction and resources they needed to succeed on the exam
I joined Becker after preparing for Step 1 for almost a year. I had heard about Becker through Dr Steven Daugherty's posts and free webinars. Coming from India where teachers are totally different, it was a total new experience for me here at Live classes. The pain they took to explain every student and making sure everyone understood what was being taught were the best things for me. Teachers were so approachable and I could ask even silliest of my questions. Had I not taken this course my score would have been much much lower. I want to thank everyone at Becker. You all are doing great job.

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