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I notice it time and again; the #1 challenge digital marketers face is ‘low traffic’. For a brand-new internet business owner it is the most critical thing. Even big brands face this – lack of consistent good traffic. Traffic is the bloodstream of any online business. No website visitors = No Sales & Profits. Because no matter how valuable your promotions and offers are, you have no one to see them.

Most marketers are struggling when trying to increase their website traffic. The complication will increase when I tell you – You don’t just need traffic. You need relevant traffic. Yes, unless you are targeting right kind of people to come to your website, you might end up selling nothing to them. They just were not the most relevant footfalls for you.

The #2 challenge is to get the relevant traffic within a shoestring budget. This makes the first challenge look more otherworldly. If you are committed to learn the right strategies and techniques to get and increase the website traffic, then it will surely be possible.

so you want to know how to get traffic on a limited budget?!

It is best to learn from digital pro marketers’ experiences & what they would do to generate most relevant traffic given a minimum budget. Their answers

will surprise & inspire you. Check out the expert strategies to utilize the budget in the best possible way…

“If you had $10 a day, how would you spend it to buy website traffic?”

Ankit Momaya

Digital Marketing Specialist

I think it is always best to start with creating your audience profile. This gives you the insight to know:

a. Who my campaign is talking to

b. What they like or dislike.

Once the audience profile/customer persona is defined, you need to know target customer’s desire? For me, a blog post or an offer that would attract them like honey bees to a flower. Adding a call to action is important as it makes buying of my product their obvious choice.

If it is done right, they will think they discovered you. They will be proud that it was their idea to buy your product. Truth is that you are planting a thought in their head based on knowing their established desires of buying a product.

Let’s take a case study of selling a luxury car for MYNEWCAR.IN. Who is the target audience? Pre-dominantly male, execs, salesmen, practicing professionals, and small-mid business owners.

What’s their desire to buy them? Not because they have excess money to enjoy luxury. They have worked hard to get to the level they are at and they like to remind themselves of their efforts. They like nice things that others can’t afford to reward themselves.

Next, create a blog or an offer to attract. Remember, we need to attract them like honey bees to a flower. If the blog is targeted to the right audience with a link to the offer, it is an alluring temptation. (How to get maximum open & clicks for your blog – we will cover this in the next few weeks). Once the blog is ready, take to the Facebook & LinkedIn targeted interest based ads. Target the followers of Audi, Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, and other luxury car brands PLUS their stage in lifecycle, to get the most targeted audience to read your blog & see your offer. This will drive relevant clicks to your website & get you sales. The people who read aren’t ever aware that they just entered a sales pitch.

Use various landing page optimization tactics to ensure maximum benefit from visitors. This will get you some leads to follow on later. Remember, car buying is a long process & many of your audience would not buy right away. You just have to maximize your chances.

Urvashi Darira

Reader’s Digest India

I would acquire as many customers as possible given $10/day. I would run a display campaign for website clicks. I will spend $5 to get traffic through these display ad banners and optimize the campaign with topics & interest targeting such as these:

Fun & trivia

Music & Audio

Beauty & Fitness

Books & Literature


The idea is to target people who are already searching for solutions related to their interest. Most of the time we take the people to the sample e-book to get the feel of product to invest in to. This has increased our conversions many fold. How we do this? 3-easy steps:

1) By alluring them with the display ads, we are able to get the visitor to view the sample e-book. This helps establish ourselves as experts & solution provider of the topic. It is all about building a relationship with the visitor & gaining trust as an expert. This build brand equity & when we ask them to buy later, they are more likely to transact with us.

2) Adding pixel to your website helps. You can retarget people who visited you by running ads for them after they leave your website.

3) Since they clicked & showed interest in a certain category of products, we can further Segment them & follow us with a specific offer that aligns their interest.

With $3 from remaining budget, I would target the ones who showed interest but did not transact on website. They already know us & our offer, and we know them & their interest. So it is ideal to throw open similar offers based on various segmentation studies. The objective here if you see moved from sales to lead generation.

The last $2 I would spend on retargeting further to those who showed ample interest again & abandoned the cart by sending them ‘We Miss You’ messages or sweetening the offer to complete the transaction.

That’s how with just $10 we have built a relationship with cold prospects by converting them in to leads & sales

The experts have shared their experiences. Now buckle up & make the most of it. Optimize your next $10. Leave a comment to tell us how will you spend it?

(Note: We will cover Low Cost Techniques to get an increased website traffic in our next blog, for the upcoming week, possibly @ $0.)