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Hey there! So good to have you back again. They say there are no shortcuts to success, but this is not entirely true, not when it comes to your excel spreadsheets. When you are working on Excel, your success entirely depends upon the shortcuts you use. Why waste 5 minutes when you can perform a task in some seconds. If you haven’t started using excel shortcuts yet then start now. Here are some Excel Shortcuts, which will make your life easy.

Here are the shortcuts to help you save some time.

  1. To Open New Worksheet:
    • Generally, when you want to open a new sheet, you drag your mouse to the bottom of the sheet to add a new sheet but instead of this you can easily use a shortcut. 
    • Use Shift + F11 and the sheet shall be added. 
    • Use Ctrl+ Page up or Ctrl+ Page Down to navigate easily between the pages.  
  2. Selecting, Adding, and deleting an entire column
    • Why give stress to your mouse when you can easily use your keyboard to select a column, add a column, or delete a column.
    • To select a column, use Ctrl + Spacebar 
    • To add a column, use Ctrl + + 
    • To delete a column, use Ctrl + –  
  3. Repeat Action
    • Want to carry out the same function again in the excel sheet? Well, no need to perform it again.
    • Use F4 and your actions shall be repeated.
  4. Insert a Comment
    • Now your expert comments are just a key away.
    • Use Shift + F2 and you can type and edit your comments in the comment box.
    • Use Shift + F10 + M and you can delete your comment.
  5. Hyperlink: 
    • Hyperlinking is now possible in just a few seconds.
    • Use Ctrl + K and add the link of the desired location and your data shall be hyperlinked. Impressive, right?
  6. Navigating Within sheets
    • Navigating within sheets can be a tedious task if you have a lot of data but here’s a trick:
    • Use Ctrl + arrow keys and you can easily navigate within the sheets.
  7. Format Cells
    • Why search for the format cell option in the ribbons tab and waste time?
    • Use Ctrl + 1. This will launch the dialog box of format cells and you can format the cells accordingly
  8. In cell spell check
    • If you think that you have made a spelling error while inputting the data, then you can use the cell spell check.
    • Use F7 which will help you to find the error and shall provide you with the right spelling suggestions.
  9. Hide or unhide ribbon menu
    • Don’t get worried when you are not able to see the ribbon menu on the top of the Excel sheet.
    • Use Ctrl + F1 and the ribbon menu shall re-appear. In case you want to hide it then do the same.
  10. Create a new workbook
    • Stop using the long way to create a new workbook.
    • Use Ctrl + N and the new worksheet shall appear.


Let us now understand why learning Excel is very important: 

  1. Excel is not just for making tables: 
    • When did you first start using Excel? Maybe, when you were in school and made use of Excel to plug in a few tables or maybe just add two cells together. Excel is much more complex than that. But here is something that you can do with Excel: 
      1. Organize tons of data in an easy way 
      2. Perform basic and complex mathematical functions
      3. Turn piles of data into attractive charts and graphics 
      4. Analyze data which helps in accurate forecasting  
    • There is a lot more than you can do with Excel, no matter what you do. It is more about problem-solving in a very organized manner that seems to look like rows of data. Hope this has now changed your perspective about using Excel. This shift in perspective will allow you to think more critically regarding how Excel can help you and make your work much easier.
  2. Excel helps you get things done
    • “I don’t want my work to be done more effectively,” said no professional ever. Not only does it help in organizing and efficiently presenting data but also helps in saving time. 
    • By using Excel, you are sure to save time both in your personal and professional life and is guaranteed to be very accurate compared to something that you would have manually done. 
    • Imagine having to add 127 columns of monthly expenses yourself? Excel will do the Math for you and provide the most accurate answer.  
  3. Increase in salary
    • Did you know that Excel can instantly increase your job prospects? Excel is a transferable skill and hiring managers understand how critical it is. 
    • That’s the beauty of knowing the most widely used universal computer program. Accountants and Investment Bankers aren’t the only ones who rely on Excel but also teachers, scientists, graphic designers, and business owners make use of Excel that too on daily basis. 
    • Turn to Excel next time for brainstorming ideas instead of random pieces of paper and I’m sure there is no looking back from there.  

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