They say there are no shortcuts to success but this is not entirely true, not when it comes to your excel spreadsheets. When you are working on Excel then your success entirely depends upon the shortcuts you use. Why waste 5 minutes when you can perform a task in some seconds. If you haven’t started using excel shortcuts yet then start now, here are some Excel Shortcuts which will make your life easy.

Shortcuts and Tips

1.  To Open New Worksheet – Generally when you want to open a new sheet you drag your mouse to the bottom of the sheet to add a new sheet but instead of this you can easily use a shortcut.

Use Shift + F11 and the sheet shall be added

Navigate between the sheets easily.

Use Ctrl+ Page up or Ctrl+ Page Down to navigate easily.

2.  Selecting, Adding and deleting an entire column – Why give stress to your mouse when you can easily use your keyboard to select a column, add a column, delete a column.

To Select a column use Ctrl + Spacebar

To Add a column use Ctrl + +

To Delete Column use Ctrl + –

3.  Repeat Action – Want to carry out the same function again in the excel sheet??? Well no need to perform it again.

UseF4 and your actions shall be repeated.

4.  Insert a Comment – Now your expert comments are just key away.

Use Shift + F2 and you can type and edit your comments in the comment box.

Use Shift + F10 + M and you can delete your comment.

5.  Hyperlink – Hyper linking is now a few seconds job.

Use Ctrl + K and add the link of the desired location and your data shall be hyperlinked.

6.  Navigating Within sheets – Navigating within sheets can be a tedious task if you have a lot of data

Use Ctrl + arrow keys and you can easily navigate within the sheets.

7. Format Cells – Why search for format cell option in ribbons tab and waste time.

Use Ctrl + 1. This will launch the dialog box of format cells and you can format the cells accordingly

8.  In cell spell check – If you think that you have made a spelling error while inputting the data then you can use the in cell spell check.

Use F7 which will help you to find the error and shall provide you with the right spelling suggestions.

9.  Hide or unhide ribbon menu – Don’t get worried when you are not able to see the ribbon menu on the top of Excel sheet.

Use Ctrl + F1 and the ribbon menu shall re-appear and incase you want to hide it then do the same.

10.  Create new workbook – Stop using the long way to create a new workbook.

Use Ctrl + N and the new worksheet shall appear.

Excel is a vast and one of the best programs and hence there is something new to learn every day. We shall come up with some new and important tips and tricks in our new blog and till then if you find something interesting then do share with us in the comments section.