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Time is money and therefore we bring to you some amazing time saving, convenient and easy Excel tips that will help you to carry excel functions in a quicker way. So give a break to your mouse and try using these Excel shortcuts.

1.Open New worksheet – Opening a new worksheet is easy but it can be a lot easier.

Use⇧+F11 and the new worksheet shall appear.

Excel shortcut for opening a new worksheet in Mac

2.Selecting, Adding and Deleting an entire column – While working on Excel sheet many a times you will require to select, add or delete the entire column so use shortcuts and save your time.

To Select the column Use^ + Spacebar

To Add the column Use^ + I

To Delete the column Use ^ + –

3.Repeat Action – If you want to repeat the same function again in the excel sheet then

Use⌘ + Yand your actions shall be repeated

Excel shortcut for repeating action in Mac

4.Insert and delete comment – Stop searching for the add/delete comment option in the ribbons menu instead use the shortcut as mentioned below.

Use⇧+Fn+F2 for inserting or editing a comment

Use⇧+Fn+F10 for deleting a comment

5.Hyperlink– Add a hyperlink in just a few seconds by using a keyboard shortcut.

Use ⌘+K and you can easily add your hyperlink

Excel shortcut to add hyperlink in Mac

6.Hide or unhide ribbon menu – With the blink of an eye you can either hide or unhide the ribbon menu in Mac.

Use⌥ +⌘ + Rto Hide as well as Unhide the Ribbon menu

How to hide/unhide the ribbon menu in Mac

7.Format Cell– Use the quick and easy way to format the cells in Excel.

Use⌘ + 1 that will open a dialog box and then you can easily format your cells.

8.Display formula– Sometimes you might want to change some data in cells but it makes no sense to change the dependent cells. So in order to find the independent cells,

Use ⌃ + ` as this will help you to differentiate between dependents and independent cells.

How to display formula in Excel

9.Create new workbook– Without the help of mouse you can easily create a new workbook.

Use ⌘ + N and the new workbook shall appear

10.Create name for data– When you need to use certain data repeatedly then instead of copying again and again you can use shortcut .

Use⌃ + L and name the data to be used in future and then you can use it whenever you want by clicking on the data name.

How to create name for data in excel

Well, that’s not all we have many more tips and tricks coming up in our next blog so stay tuned and do let us know in the comments section if these tips were helpful to you.