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10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a new form of marketing that entails the use of social media applications and networks as marketing platforms. The 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing focuses on promoting businesses and spreading product awareness through establishing a strong presence on major social media platforms, developing highly shareable adverts and content as well as gathering customer feedbacks through contests and surveys.
As people embrace the internet of things, it is important for businesses to establish strong and reliable social media presence in order to interact with their current and target customers and eventually make profits.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. Develop a smart social media marketing plan
    Just like every campaign, developing a smart digital marketing plan helps in executing your business agenda effectively. Determine your business goals before developing a social media marketing campaign.
    Define what you want to achieve through internet marketing, your target audience, the social media platforms that resonate with your campaign agenda and audience, and the message you wish to portray to your audience.
  2. Choose the ideal social media platform
    Different social media platforms cater to different audiences and accomplish different objectives. Therefore, you should develop unique social media marketing strategies for each platform.For instance, Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for visual campaigns while Facebook is ideal for conversation based campaigns. However, thoughtful visual posts like boomerangs, photos, and videos enhance Facebook campaigns and encourage engagement.
    Social Media Marketing
  3. Brand and customize your social media pages
    Branding is essential if you wish to build a strong online presence. Your social media profiles should be easily recognized by your current and prospective clients.
    For example, most Facebook timeline and page aspects can be branded to showcase your company’s products and services while differentiating it from competitors. Additionally, your Twitter page should reflect your brand, products, and services. Utilize a customizable Twitter background to create a unique and memorable profile page.
  4. Hire a qualified social media marketer
    Often, businesses settle for a social media marketer charging the lowest rates without considering whether they are qualified for the job or not. Though a social media marketer’s salary can be high, the services offered by a savvy digital marketer are worth the cost.
    Social media marketers offer online branding expertise, marketing planning, and strategies ideal for your business social media marketing needs.
  5. Gain trust by being consistent
    Social media marketing is all about creating a lasting relationship with your followers. Trust is an important part of any relationship whether business or social.
    Therefore, businesses should focus on gaining trust on social sites by engaging their followers consistently in a manner that reflects the true nature of their brand. Write and post informative and industry-specific content that is not sales oriented.
  6. Increase your audience
    The larger audience you have, the higher the returns. Therefore, you must work towards increasing your active followers who will share your content and adverts with their circle and drive more traffic to your profiles. Make sure your current followers are happy clients and invest in paid adverts to grow your volume of followers.
  7. Create mobile friendly content
    More than 70% of social network users use mobile gadgets. Therefore, to get your internet marketing campaigns across effectively, you must create mobile-friendly content, videos, and images. Ensure that your content can be viewed and enjoyed on different types of devices.Social Media Marketing Strategies
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  8. Attract influencers
    Most online customers rely on influencers to make decisions. Know your industry-specific experts with large social media followings. Network with them to build lasting business relationships, make an offer, and monitor what they post about your business. Increase your reach and attract new users through these influencers.
  9. Prioritize engagement
    Your main goal on social media should be sparking shares and meaningful conversations. This not only keeps your posts active but also generates the expected returns on investment.
    To achieve this, you must understand how your target audience engages on social platforms and craft spontaneous content that will capture their attention. Also, boost engagement by tagging followers interested in a certain post, respond to comments, and use hashtags and links to trigger action.
  10. Measure results
    Compare your online marketing results and the goals you set to determine the social media marketing strategies that worked. Measure results by determining the number of new followers each social media platform gained, the amount of engagement characterized by retweets, comments, likes, and shares, and clicks that resulted in sales.
  11. Final Thoughts
    The world is embracing digital transformation and as a result, becoming more social. Hence, there is the need for marketers and businesses alike to tap into the increased use of established social media platforms. No business should ignore the power of social media marketing.

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