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A humungous volume of high speed, assorted unstructured data, in other words Big Data, has sprung as a result of the emerging digital trends. All that the enterprises need to do is, to capitalize on this unbridled growth and seize the market opportunity.Big data utilization has become a prerequisite for improvement in business performance. It is however, not exactly simple to understand the trade secrets and narrow down on its precise application. Critical knowledge extracted could be exploited to easily outperform competitors.

Big Data companies in India have invested a large amount of funds in R&D, just to find the most appropriate solution to these firms. Chief information officers, however need to narrow down on the company which provides the most suitable solution for their firm. To aid the CIOs in finding the perfect fit for their requirement, a list of companies scrutinized and finalised by the CIOReview board and an expert panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, came up with the 10 Most Promising Big Data Companies in India.

10 most promising Big Data companies:

  • Affine Analytics
  • BRIDGEi2i
  • E-cognosys Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics
  • Flytxt
  • Fractal Analytics Inc.
  • GoDataDriven
  • Reach1to1 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Scientel Information Technology, Inc.
  • Trendwise Analytics

Affine Analytics and Flytxt specialise in solutions for telecom service providers, whereas the former also provides solutions to retail, banking and e-Commerce business problems, similar to Scientel Information Technology, Inc. Fractal Analytics is another firm which is a pioneer in providing Big Data solutions on an efficient scale, their specialization is helping understand customer behaviour. Predicting new trends and gauging the consumer base, estimating what would work best for the customers and guiding companies to be on the same page as the market and the audience is what such companies do with amazing brilliance.

Moving on to companies such as GoDataDriven they are fundamentally driven by harnessing the IT involved in big data analysis. This architecture coupled together with Hadoop can go a long distance in providing long term solutions for business enterprises, which helps in real time processing of data. The add-ons serve as additional perks as they facilitate graphical analysis at times, which thoroughly simplifies the uphill task of making sense out of large data sets or streams. Few other major companies which show promising results in this field of Big Data are Bridge i2i, Flutura Decision Sciences and Analyics, ecognosys information systems and Trendwise Analytics.

Hence choosing the right companies to help you process big data is very essential to building successful enterprises. We hope this article has helped you gain insight as to who are the leaders in this field of Big Data, and which Big Data companies are at the very top of the ladder.