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There are hundreds of sites which will tell you what are the right things that you should do while marketing on Facebook, but today we shall tell you about all the wrong things that you should avoid while promoting your brand on Facebook.

1. Incomplete information about the page

Not filling out the page information completely is one of the common and the silliest mistakes that one makes while marketing on Facebook. When you are marketing your product or service, it is obvious that the audiences will want to know about your company, your products, your services and your achievements. If this information is not available to users, they might consider your company as fake, startup, undeveloped. In the example below, you will see that all the fields are filled and no information remains incomplete and that is how it should be done.

Filling Page information on Facebook

2. Talking only about your Brand

Every company loves their brand a lot but it is not necessary that you show it in your each and every post. Talking about your brand is one thing and talking about your brand creatively is other. Don’t force people to buy your product. Instead, give them a reason to buy it.

3. Not responding to the Comments

Not responding to the comments and the messages is considered as ignoring your audience and nobody likes to be ignored (ask your wife/girlfriend). Even if it is a negative comment, you need to make sure that it is addressed as that will make the audience feel that their opinions do matter to you. In the example below, you can see how tactfully a negative comment has been taken care off.

Responding to a negative comment on Facebook

4. Disappearing time and again

Out of sight is considered to be out of mind. Inconsistent postings is the last thing that you should do while promoting your brand on Facebook. If you act lazy while posting on your page then you can’t expect your audience to stay active and wait for your posts. Make sure that you communicate with your audience on a regular basis and give them something to think about daily.

5. Using too much of Text

We are sure that you are a very good writer, but showing off your writing skills in every other post is not advisable. Try to be precise and to the point and that will surely help. While making the posts, keep one thing in mind, that you are not the only one promoting your brand on Facebook. The user may receive about 100 newsfeed every hour and yours will one of them so make sure that it is not too long and boring. If you see the example, you will realize that you are no more interested to read after the 4th or 5th line, so make sure that you don’t make a similar mistake.

Avoid using long texts in Facebook Posts

6. Focusing too much on Page Likes

Having about a million likes on your Facebook page is surely an achievement but make sure that it is not the sole objective. The ultimate motive of any marketing strategy is to generate sales and according to the information that I have, likes are not considered as sales. So instead of concentrating too much on likes, try focusing on engagement and right reach. Also, see to it that your post is just not liked by the people, but it is also shared because that will guarantee a greater reach.

7. Ignoring Facebook Insights

Posting for the sake of posting will take your page nowhere. You need to understand your audiences. Facebook insights help a lot in understanding your audience and their preferences. Through insights you can come to know that which age group has responded more or in which area your posts have performed well. You can check the statistics for yourself and build your further strategy.

Insights on Facebook Page

8. Not tracking your Facebook ads

Creating a Facebook ad and not tracking it is like jumping in the pool and not swim. In both the cases the result is same, in the former case your money will drown and in latter case you yourself will drown. You get the point? Tracking your ads is very important in order to know the outcome. If it is not doing well then you can try something different.

9. Using Full URLs, instead of Short links

Making use of full URLs will make your post look a little cluttered. Short links became popular due the 140 character limit in twitter, but you can use them on other social networks too. You can shorten your links on Bitly and make your posts look more presentable.

10. Following the same marketing strategy for ages

Posting same old stuff again and again on Facebook will bore your audiences, so try changing your posting style every 3 months or so. Look at the response that you receive on a particular campaign and if it is good then instead of repeating the same story create something new on similar lines.