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In 2005, my client was in trouble! Surprisingly he was running a healthy business, was quite profitable and looking to close his series B. He was desperate as he was looking to close for 6 months now!

In 2000, when he started his entrepreneurial journey, he was on cloud 9 after raising US$150 Mn Series A from one of the top VCs. Little did he know about the twist and turns he was going to encounter. Over a period of 5 years, his startup generated revenues of US$500 Mn and quite profitably.

However he was devastated to learn that the VCs were not happy and refused future funding. His dream turned into a nightmare based on a term in the term sheet, which said that the VCs were guaranteed a specific IRR which was not generated in the project. They also said his NPV was negative. Being a technology guy, with no knowledge of corporate finance, he was completely clueless about this financial mumbo-jumbo!

Only if he had even the slightest knowledge of financial concepts, he could have rescued his company and aligned the objectives to that of the VCs. Let me help you understand the practical aspects of these financial terms.

Join me in this Free Webinar on “Demystifying NPV& IRR” and learn the techniques to model it for your project (Believe me, it would be time well spent!).

In this 1 hour Free Webinar join me in the discussion on:

  • Introduction to Corporate Finance and Time Value of Money (TVM)
  • Understanding Returns and Project Value: NPV & IRR
  • Which works Better – NPV vs IRR
  • Practical implications of NPV & IRR in project appraisal
  • Modeling NPV and IRR in Excel

Webinar Details

Topic: Demystifying 2 key terms in Corporate Finance: NPV& IRR

Speaker: Mr. Paramdeep Singh, an Expert Financial Modeler with experience of working in Investment Banking and Consulting Industries. He covers Real Estate, FMCG and Infrastructure sectors in Financial Trainings.

Date: Sat, 23rd March 2013

Time: 11:30 AM GMT to 12:30 PM GMT (To know the webinar time in your country)

For all those who missed this webinar, kindly visit the following link to see the video recording of the session:

[Video Recording] Webinar: Demystifying 2 key terms in Corporate Finance: NPV & IRR