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How do I go about 2010 FRM Exam Registration?
FRM Registration for the 2010 Exam is now open. The 2010 FRM Exam will be tested in two different parts – Part 1 and Part 2. Both exams will be offered on the same day (May 22, 2010) and at the same exam site.

A list of exam sites can be found on GARP’s website:

The exam day schedule will be as follows:

——————– FRM Exam Part 1 ——————–

7:00am: Check-in
8:00am: Part 1 Exam begins
12:00pm: Part 1 Exam ends

——————– FRM Exam Part 2 ——————–

1:00pm: Check-in
2:00pm: Part 2 Exam begins
6:00pm: Part 2 Exam ends

Please note that each exam is 4-hours long and there will be no breaks during an exam session.

Part 1 will contain 100 multiple choice questions whereas Part 2 will contain 80 multiple choice questions.

New candidates for the upcoming exam in May will be able to register for either FRM Exam Part 1 or BOTH Part 1 and Part 2. Candidates who passed Part 1 (formally known as Level 1) from the November 2009 Exam are able to register for Part 2. Results for the 2009 Exam will be released no later than January 5, 2010.

Those candidates who decide to register for both exams on the same day must pass either Part 1 or both Parts 1 and 2 in order to advance.
Three outcomes can result from taking both exams on the same day:

* If a candidate passes Parts 1 and 2, they have completed the examination part of the FRM program.

* If a candidate passes Part 1, but not Part 2, they will be able to re-register for Part 2 at a later date.

* If a candidate fails Part 1, their Part 2 Exam will NOT be graded.

Candidates who chose this option must be confident in their ability to pass Part 1.