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Talking about myths, what if I tell you that yesterday when I was sleeping, my roof broke apart and heavenly voice asked me to inform you people about some myths which needs to get busted. Will you believe it? No, right? I thought so, that is why by skipping the heavenly part in my story I am here to bust some Social Media Marketing Myths. People get to hear many things about Social Media Marketing but how many of them are true is the question.

In today’s competitive business world, Social Media platforms are considered to be the most desirable platforms for Marketing. Every person has a different thinking. Every person thinks differently about different aspects of Social Media Marketing. They sometimes have delusional views about Social Media Marketing and when these views are expressed, they become myth.

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Let’s analyze some of these Myths about Social Media Marketing:

1. Myth – Only Company Channels are considered as important Social Assets.

Busted– Company channels are the important marketing assets of your company but they are not the only important assets. To market your product effectively and create awareness on a larger scale, you need to look beyond your company channels. Post content and information about your business in different groups and pages of the Social Media sites. You can also post links which will redirect the viewers to your business page on Social Networking sites and your Company’s Website.

2. Myth – Email Marketing is diminishing because of Social Media Marketing.

Busted – No, not at all. The first point to bust this myth is that you need an email to sign up for every social networking site. People now are beginning to believe that extensive use of Social Media Marketing is killing Email Marketing but it’s not true. You require Email marketing as well to carry out certain Social Media activities like sending Newsletters, Product related mails, etc. Infact , it can be said that in a way Social and Email compliment each other.

3. Myth – Too much content and information about the product is required for Social Media Marketing.

Busted – It is not advisable to post too much of a content or information about your product to market on Social Media Platforms. People think that by including maximum detail and information about their product in the content will attract more people but too much of a content will give away your product’s X-factor. Try to keep the content short and make people hungry to know more about your product.

4. Myth – Social Media Marketing is practised only to acquire new customers.

Busted – To acquire new customers is one of the motives to engage into Social Media Marketing .Most of the fans or viewers which you get are either current or previous customers of your brand. Their opinion about your brand, which play an important role, create a platform to attract new customers. It is necessary to maintain relations with Current and Previous customers too.

5. Myth – Social Bookmarking sites like stumbleupon and Reddit have lost their importance.

Busted – This statement is not true at all. No doubt your marketing activities are primarily carried out on Facebook and Twitter but Social Bookmarking sites are equally important. It has been observed that some of the good and most shared contents on Facebook and Twitter are fed into these Social Bookmarking sites. These sites in turn assist in viral distribution of content all over the internet.

These were some myths which influence and control people’s mind when they think of Social Media Marketing. It is very important that these myths get cleared and people should come to know what is good for their business, when it comes to Social Media Marketing..

Let us know by commenting below, how this article has helped you in clearing your doubts about these myths. Do let us know if you have any further doubts and queries and we will be happy to attend to them.