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Looking at how often Google updates the AdWords platform and the number of new ad products unleashed on the industry each year, the only thing that is certain is change! while no one can know exactly what’s coming next, we can certainly look at the past and make educated guesses of PPC industry to look forward and stay prepared for probable changes.

  1. Be mobile ready!

  2. It’s been out there for a long time, and the growth in mobile internet usage in 2014 is just the start. Search engines like google have already identified that and provide a variety of options that focuses on advertising on mobile. Now that mobile has gone mainstream, many advertisers are gearing up to deliver mobile solutions for advertising.
    Get ready to get more mobile clicks and mobile revenue in 2015 (of course, only if you have a website that serves the mobile users)

  3. Raise of people based PPC

  4. Facebook’s Atlas has made it possible to target users based on their email addresses, this is a whole new game as far as PPC marketing is concerned. The ability to upload people’s email addresses or phone numbers and showing your ads to them makes PPC marketing more open and a direct marketing channel like email marketing and the use cases of PPC will change drastically.

    Of course, this also makes us think twice before giving our details to any website and the black market for data is going to get hot! If you’re into that, there are huge payoffs in 2015.

  5. Move from Keyword ads to Product ads

  6. Product listing ads that were often difficult to manage might be just what E-commerce advertisers need to do. For years, most product searches have happened on Amazon than on Google. Google’s attempt to change that through its shopping express and its growth is an indication that small time E-commerce companies get to take a shot at the huge pie that giants like Amazon have kept to themselves.

  7. Full Automation

  8. The rate at which the automation has been happening in online marketing, particularly in PPC, there’s very little left to be done. It is expected that by the end of 2015. PPC industry will be fully automated, leaving no room for “PPC Specialist”. It is also expected that this automation will be available for Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMB)

  9. New priority on the Marketing Message

  10. There’s been a small shift from a single ad tactic to marketers considering and testing the actual message either by tactic, by device, or – in the best case scenarios – by both. Despite the fact that this shift has been small so far. This might change drastically in 2015.